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Destination 7


Destination 7 is a 6 piece band from Los angeles. With powerhouse vocals, and catchy hooks, this band has made an impression on the LA Music scene. Voted 2007 "Best Christian Artist of the Year" (LAMA), and "WOWING" the staff at the Whiskey, D7 are enjoyed by Christian and secular audiences.


Destination 7 is a 6 piece band from Los Angeles, CA. D7 have integrated rock, blues,funk, soul, and classical influences into their music, while still creating a unique and fresh sound. With powerhouse vocals, stellar musicianship, catchy hooks, and nostalgic undertones, their 2007 release “Wait For the Sun” appeals to a wide demographic of people, both Christian and secular.
Each song on the record is a testimony, and a glimpse into the life of lead singer Natasha Ponticelli; a girl who once called herself an “Atheist of Atheist’s”. The songs were written over a period of several years, and depict different stages in the journey of a new believer.
The powerful title track “Wait for the Sun” was inspired by a friend of Natasha’s who ended her own life abruptly in April of 2006. Natasha believes that her own life long battle with depression, coupled with divine intervention and scripture, allowed her to create a song that has already been used by God to save lives.
After only 18 months of forming, this band has made a lasting impression on the Los Angeles music scene. D7 were Voted “ 2007 Best Christian Artist of the Year”(Los Angeles Music Awards), and have been known to frequent some of the most famous secular nightclubs in Hollywood. One venue in particular has fallen for the bands music and inspiring message. That venue is the World Famous Whisky A Go Go. D7 have built a strong relationship with the staff at the Whisky, and are honored to call this historical venue their home.
Within only 3 months of playing gigs there, D7 have been asked to headline a first ever “Christian Rock Show” in summer of ‘08. Destination 7 is passionate about reaching the lost for Christ, and they hope that their music will delight the soul and bring peace to a turbulent world. Their prayer is to always remain dedicated, and focused on their purpose.
“God is the reason, music is just the vehicle.”

* Destination 7 currently have 2 singles out. Rest(His Name is Jesus) in the A/C market, and "Shelter" in the Rock/Alternative market.
They are being played on over 100 stations nation-wide, and were recently picked up by EMF Broadcasting(Air1 and KLOVE).



Written By: Natasha Ponticelli/Destination7

A refuge from the storm a lover of my soul
How can I ever comprehend?
You gave me life, You gave me freedom from myself
Your words of love they never end

He saved me from dark waters spared me from the flood
Delivered me from certain death
He numbered all the stars yet
He sings over me
He robes me in His Righteousness

Cover me
With your presence
Cover me
With your Holiness
With your blood
I know it's enough
Cover me
With your mercy
Cover me
With your glory
With your love
Give me shelter from above and cover me

Can I be clothed with you, concealed in your wings?
Let me be sheltered in your grace
I've got your power inside
Your armor protects me
To fight the darkness in this place

Without the hope of you I'm lost
I'm alone
But You opened up your arms and
Now I'm home


2007 Album Wait For The Sun
2007 Playlist Productions Radio Compilation (#1 Track on Compilation)
Featured artist on The Spirit Radio.

Set List

Run To Me
The Meaning
Wait For The Sun
Sorrow(Bad Religion Cover)
Set is usually 30-45 minutes long depending on the venue.