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The best kept secret in music


"Destiny Calling - Europe Calling"

Hi guys, Alex from “The Metal Observer” here, how are things in the DESTINY CALLING camp?

Jer: We’re busy rehearsing for a string of live shows this Fall.

DESTINY CALLING is one of the youngest bands in the Calgary scene, so what was the band’s history so far and where did you get your name from?

Kevin: The name was something I choose almost immediately once it was thought of. I had been thinking for many years of some sort of name that would have a kind of “class” to it. I didn’t want something that would be immediately or obviously associated with metal imagery actually, as the kind of music I have been writing is more accessible that a lot of metal I think. SO while many names were thought of and immediately thrown away for a long time, when I thought of DESTINY CALLING I thought “this is it” immediately! I wanted to associate the band concept and imagery with things that had to do with nobility, valor, a worthy quest, etc. I was always thinking of imagery and artwork tied into the name that had some kind of continuity… like YES albums.

Your style of progressive Power Metal also is a true rarity in the province of Alberta, which usually is dominated by the heavier end of the spectrum. What made you take up the more classical side of Metal and how do you feel like one of the “oddballs” of the Calgary scene, musically speaking?

Kevin: At this point it is great to think that we are the ones doing something completely different (in this part of the world at least). I am well aware that we are not the first to be doing this, but certainly here we are different. The best part about that is that now we can try and bring some real musicality back to people that are not used to hearing bands capable of playing guitar solos and more complex arrangements. It is really just a part of my playing style and what I like to listen to which tends to come out. A long time ago I stopped trying to fight urges to play heavier for its own sake, because I found my true style. This sort of music just comes out and certainly I have always gravitated towards music that contained better than average musicianship. I don’t listen to classical music per se, but I definitely think like that when I play/compose. There is a lot of room to create in more Prog/symphonic realms.

Oddly enough right now because of all the ads we were taking out in looking for members, it seems we finally changed some opinions on the local scene as to the acceptability of so-called “80’s Metal”. There are a lot more people trying to start up things now after we kind of took hits for what was a bit of a dirty word in the past age of Grunge and Nu-Metal. Most people here don’t even realize this sort of music is huge in other parts of the world and is an ongoing new style in itself. The sound of it reminds them of the closest things they have heard, which was previously “80’s Metal”… just because it was on the radio. That is pretty much their only exposure to that general more melodic sound. Even though it has nothing to do with the 80’s, it is often how people who are not up to date with collecting music will usually compare it.

Jer: I have always been a fan of 80’s style Metal…everything from IRON MAIDEN to SHOTGUN MESSIAH. I am also a classical music fanatic. Until I met up with Kevin, my Metal writing tended to be more on the mainstream side of things. Kevin’s playing was very different from any other musician I had worked with, and I was blown away. His neo-classical style was reminiscent Randy Rhoads, Malmsteen, Satriani, etc. Our sound quickly took shape when we blended our musical ideas, hence the style you hear on our debut recording. Once Calgary hears and sees what we have to offer, I think people will appreciate our music. The scene in Canada, in general, needs a change, and we think that this is a type of music that audiences are yearning for.

You definitely have fully embraced the European Power Metal sound, with hardly any hint of your Northern American heritage musically. So I take that the influences for your compositions completely lay across the ocean?

Kevin: Yes definitely, all the music that inspires me is from Sweden, Japan, Europe. Again, the art of real musicianship just seems lost in the North American market: which only prides itself on making big bucks selling “flash in the pan” commercial music which disappears as fast as it comes. My actual influences are quite varied depending on whether you talk about influences for my guitar playing verses inspirations from different eras. I go back to simply “wanting to play” thanks to KISS, to really wanting to learn the craft from bands like BOSTON, RUSH and up to the newer bands like PAGAN’S MIND, etc. On the guitar it would mean different things like Yngwie, DREAM THEATER, etc. I spend all my time listening to things and fortunately compared to many music fans, continue to appreciate older bands and also actively buy the new ones too. I also have a side of me that l - Metal Observer, Interview Spring 2005

"House of flying drumsticks: Destiny Calling answers Calgary’s need for a righteous classic metal act"

When it comes to neo-classical metal, Calgary’s Destiny Calling doesn’t just represent the roots of the genre – they are the rocks that anchor those gnarly buggers.But seriously, choosing an image to accompany your band’s public persona is as important in today’s visually oriented music industry as the music itself – perhaps more so. And the stakes are even higher when you’re dealing with a genre that has been typified by images that are both surreally beautiful (i.e. Heavy Metal magazine or David Lee Roth's hair) and exaggeratedly horrific (i.e. GWAR, KISS and Marilyn Manson).That’s why one can only applaud, or stare in disbelief, at the happy medium struck by the latest high-energy heavy metal sensation to hit Calgary stages – Destiny Calling. That’s right, you heard me. Destiny Calling. Boasting an attitude ambitious enough to match their name, not to mention their Spinal Tap chic wardrobe, these forthright gents have already collectively logged enough hours in jam and studio sessions to keep most bands going for an entire career – and Destiny Calling is just getting started. According to drummer and keyboardist Jer Jackson, the group has been steadily evolving over the past five years as the various elements of their ensemble coalesced into their current incarnation."I met up with our keyboardist Enoque Carrancho, who’s originally from South Africa, completely by chance," says Jackson."We stumbled upon each other through the kickinthehead website. It turned out that he lives right near my house. Enoque brings up great ideas based around his experience with keyboards, songwriting and classical music.The biggest change to our line-up is that Giovanni has replaced Christopher on vocals," Jackson explains. "Gio brings a more mid-range vocal style to our sound. He definitely has the kind of appeal we’re looking for in a singer. Of course, Kevin Kurek, our guitarist and I have been collaborating since back in 2000, when I came into his studio. He was already mastering his own recordings with the equipment in his house. It was all very part-time until we really started to crack the whip."Skimming the cream from the top of the heavy metal cauldron, Destiny Calling inundates their audience with driving rhythms, thematic anthems and multi-layered melodies. The primordial powers of prog-rock that these seasoned players so effortlessly conjure are the perfect complement to their fantastical lyrics and intricate neo-classical musicianship. Combine this with their hyperactive live performances and their relentless determination to produce the kind of music nearest and dearest to their hearts, and you have a recipe for a headbanging good time."The whole thing is about fantasy. We all have alter egos," says Jackson. "We’re inspired by everything from Iron Maiden to Sonata Arctic, but no other band is doing what we do. We want to create a memorable experience when people come to see a live show. We want to bring you a show that’s larger than life. I throw a lot of drumsticks, there’s smoke, there’s lights, and each guy is doing his own thing. How many times have you been to a show where the band just stands there? We want people to look at us and say, ‘He’s the real McCoy.’"The band expects to follow up last December’s EP with a new album, which is currently being recorded. And, as they are also producing an accompanying music video and tending to a busy tour scheduled for later in the year, it’s likely that Destiny Calling will hardly have time to check their answering machines. Sorry, ladies.Luckily these do it yourself demons have caught on to their beloved Euro-metal brethrens’ penchant for reaching out to the Pan-global heavy metal community (and, yes, it’s alive and thriving) via the worldwide web. Check out for more on the professional re-release of their self-titled 2005 EP featuring the artwork of renowned tarot deck designer Robin Wood. - FFWD Magazine, article by CHRISTINE LEONARD

"Destiny Calling Promo CD Review"

It still is a rarity to hear a North American band that almost one-to-one emulates the European Power Metal. Only a few days ago it’s been CELLADOR, now we get Calgary’s own DESTINY CALLING, who are heavily influenced by bands like STRATOVARIUS etc. and wear these influences for all to see, ehm, hear.

They had been looking for a fitting singer for a long time and for the recordings of this promo they found band friend Christopher Barran, whose pretty high voice without a doubt hails from the European school. Musically it’s the a bit bombastic Power Metal with keyboard support that the guys deliver here, packed into a good production, always good, if a band member owns a studio, hehe.

And the quintet clearly shows that the two founders Kevin Kurek (guitars) und Jer Jackson (drums) have been in the scene since the Eighties, because only rarely you hear that these songs are coming from a relatively young band, with mature, well thought-through song writing, good dynamics and equally good execution DESTINY CALLING are off to a good start with “Forever Yours“, while the keyboards sound a bit like the Italian bands, plus the high vocals (which in the higher regions lack a bit of power, at least to my taste) and some light bombast in the chorus, not bad.

“Ground Zero“ reduces the speed quite a bit, stomping, with heavier riffing, less bombast, so they show variety, as the vocals also are less high and with that more powerful. The closing “The Key” speeds things up again and reminds me of a mix from the Italian bands of the Mid-Nineties and a pinch of Scandinavia, packed into a super catchy song that here and there could have needed a bit more guitar power, as it gets a bit fluffy every now and then, but the guitar melody is damn good and when they crank up the six string a bit, the whole thing sounds really good!

A promising start, which keeps me waiting for more material, as they by now also have found a fixed singer in Alice Dee, whose voice apparently is not as high anymore, and a bassist is in the line-up now as well, so that we can confidently look into the future, they are not really original, but only very few bands can actually claim that anyway, so DESTINY CALLING definitely are on the right way!
- Alexander Melzer


Self Titled 6 Song EP


Feeling a bit camera shy


The chemistry behind Destiny Calling is what gives the band its unique and powerful sound. The band is comprised of Jer Jackson (drums), Kevin Kurek (guitar), Enoque Carrancho (keyboards), and Stan Engalege (bass). Jackson and Kurek, with the help of session vocalist Christopher Barran, had previously co-written and produced the six songs which appear on the self-titled EP released in early 2006. Destiny Calling has quickly developed an unforgettable, high energy stage show which is guaranteed to rock Metal fans everywhere. Their reputation is contagious, and has already found them opening for several acts, such as Finnish Power Metal superstars Stratovarius and Sonata Arctica. The band continues to play for their ever growing fan base, and are currently recording their first full length album due to be independently released late 2006. With the new album underway, Destiny Calling is building an International fan base, and catching the interest of European record labels, radio stations, and magazines. The driving guitars, powerful vocals, thought provoking lyrics, and neo-classical overtones are sure to please fans of any type of Rock music.

The debut 6 song EP is currently selling via the official Destiny Calling website, and