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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Destiny In Chains Posts New Song, "Make Me Sick," Online"

Destiny In Chains Posts New Song, "Make Me Sick," Online - Metal underground

"Music Talk : Destiny in Chains"

Destiny in Chains is one of Cairo’s most promising metal outfits. The band started back in 2006 and through the changes in lineup and sound, Destiny in Chains seems to have found their spot finally. We met up with Zander from DIC to have a bit of a chat…

At the Core
The band refers to their sound as Metalcore/Hardcore – which can be a little hard to envision – vocalist Zander sheds some light: “We started six years ago, but our sound has been evolving so has our lineup. We’re all really big fans of bands such as Lamb of God, All that Remains and As I Lay Dying.”

The Scene
We ask Zander about his views on the growing metal scene in Cairo: “It’s pretty awesome to see that Metal is not as shunned as it used to be. Sure, there is still some judgment, but I’m sensing the change everytime I go to a metal gig and I see the amount of people in attendance increasing.” He explains “It’s interesting, because we do try sometimes to create a relevant sound in our music (For example; “Last Forever”) in which we incorporate oriental sounds and solos. That’s just a small part of our music, but in a way it’s an ode to our culture.” He adds.

Grand Prize
Destiny in Chains recently won the top honors at the Metal Blast Anniversary gig, which saw them record tracks in Vibe Studios in Cairo – so are the guys releasing an album soon? “Yes, very soon. And, it won’t sound like home recordings anymore!” Says Zander. -

"Interview With DESTINY IN CHAINS - 2/10/2012"

JZ: For those who still don't know DESTINY IN CHAINS, could you make an introduction about the band's history, style and influences?

DIC: DESTINY IN CHAINS is a five piece Metalcore band started in 2006 and is influenced by a wide variety of Metalcore bands back then and Groove such as AS I LAY DYING, ALL THAT REMAINS, LAMB OF GOD... We have one EP and one full length album released in 2010 and we are currently working on our new one.

JZ: The band has recently shot a video for the song "Shout Your Name". What can you tell us about it? When will it be released?

DIC: Well, it was shot and edited by Blackout studios. They are really professional in the field of photography and videos as well. Our video should be released within this month, but what currently is happening in our country is what caused the delay. The video will be aired on MTV Arabia, which makes us the first Egyptian Metal band who gets a chance like this and it's also kinda tense since we are representing the Egyptian Metal scene... So let's hope that people really like it!

JZ: After your debut EP and your first full length album... is the band working on any new release?

DIC: As we mentioned earlier... yes, we are. We already have about three new songs that we played two of them in our previous show and will be played in the next show as well.

JZ: Let's talk about the event. It's really a unique line up of very distinctive and different styles, how did you all get together, and do you think this will help each band to reach newer fans?

DIC: Hope so! The line up we never planned for actually, but we all got excited, specially because of DARK PHILOSOPHY. As everyone knows, it's their first show at El Sawy Culturewheel, so it's very exciting, but yeah, it's totally unique show indeed with different styles. For sure, when it comes to new fans all bands are seeking new listeners, disregarding the style or the genre, but after all let's just make it a good show for the whole fans, whatever what they are listening to, or the band they are coming for!

JZ: Last question. For the fans that are coming or are still thinking to come... What would you tell them and promise to give them in that show?

DIC: As we promise you, this will be a concert after a while with some new changes with a great line up and original bands!! See you all there! - Jorzine

"Interview with Destiny In Chains"

1-Whats your name and the name of your band?

My name is Xander and my band name is DESTINY IN CHAINS

2-How would you describe your style and sound for everyone?

we describe it as a new age of metal mixed with melodic and screaming and speed riffs what we can call it melodic metal core or earlier new age metal

3-How did it all start?

we all are friends from along time i started the band actually when i composed some tracks and we played it for fun and sounds like we did fine when people heard it just then we thought seriously to make it big so we..r working so hard now..

4-What drives you to play the style that you play?

Actually i dunno its just me my way of thinking the way i feel the music the way i feel myself its in my style what makes me feel that is it when i found myself dedicate my self to my fev bands our influence in this kinda music long time ago so lets say i got cursed but am sure even people who like this kinda music and they cant play music am sure they feel the same as well its all about the way you feel when u listen to someone when you choose your type what you feel most .

5-Do you have all the original members of the band ?
yeah now yeah we had some problems in the past with members and we played with guest for a little while

but its all good now .

6-How did the idea come about for the "Resident Evil VOX EDIT"?

Long time ago its a very old idea i came up with long time ago even before the band formed..when we were listening to the music me and a friend and i improvised my voice on it and i found him saying dude its awesome so i did it i know its so different type way experimental and crazy but as i said before its all about what i feel and do in music this is how the resident evil raised !

7-How did the name of the band come about?

in a crazy night actually the band name came totally by luck when i had to choose a name for the band as a start but i planed to change it later to (AS I FALL)

but we got busy and forgot about it when suddenly found we known enough so we cant change it now !

but the name as a meaning we picture the humans as Dall The Destiny totally control them with the chains ..simply we..ll are victims to our destiny !

8-What was the last show you saw?

some local show around here .

9-Whats your top 7 favorite bands of all time?

well mine is ( BFMV - TRIVIUM - AS I LAY DYING - ALL THAT REMAINS - ATYREU - A7X - METALLICA ) Here..s the 7 but the list goes on !!!

10-Where are you playing next?

we..ll play next in EGYPT Cairo !!
11-How can people get your music?

so many ways in metal blogs like all people do reverb nation and its for free download just our first EP us set to be sale under our indie label but we prefer to make it for free at least for now ! so yeah u can find Destiny in chains around the web !

12-What is your favorite song from your ep titled "I HAVE WAITED MY WHOLE LIFE (FOR A GIRL LIKE YOU)?

my fev is the head song I HAVE WAITED ... !

come sec TO LIVE

13-What are you working on now?

working on playing shows practicing and working on the full upcoming album .

14-Do you have a website?

yeah its not a (.com) yet cuz still hosting it but yeah as a temporary we have one .

15-Do you have a myspace page?

Sure indeed !

16-How can everyone get in touch with you?

through the myspace we always replay messages and comments with friends we dont act weirdo around our fans like listen to us thats all no we love making friends and talking to people as well and if they ask for our mails we do give it .

17-Is there anything that you would like to add?

just wanna thank all or supporters and YOU !! for the great interview and final words support D.I.C always give us the chance to be more close to you TO ALL OF OUR FRIENDS !!!!

Cheers ~ - Now Tune


"I Waited my whole life for a girl like you" EP 2007

"Demonized"I Waited my whole life for a girl like you" EP Re-Made later 2007

"Last Forever" Full Album 2010

"Temper" 2012 Single Featured in Total Deathcore Compilation

Several Compilations release's

"Make Me sick" Featured at MoshPits Radio Airplay
"Resident Evil" Cover tribute Featured at several Radio's



Destiny in Chains is the first and early metalcore Deathcore band from EGYPT ,CAIRO, formed in 2006.The band started their music career with a determine making their sound look different then other bands locally, the band directly influenced by bands such as As i lay dying , ATR , Lamb of god and others, Destiny in chains recorded six songs which were unreleased on as a record. Two of these songs were later re-made for their debut album since the band started their career in a small scene in Cairo back then it was very difficult to show the full image of the band to everyone around achieving what their actually looking for in their music however the band didn't stop making music trying to reach the best quality in their sound searching all the time for what separate them & make then unique as well later one the band started to get the feedback they deserve from fans locally and international, in 2007 a Financial difficulties marked a change in music direction also some members changes process came along with it, this action changed the whole theme of the band to make it even better joining the band Ahmed A-El Men3em / Shiva / A-Lolo
adding new flavor the band sounds after the stability Destiny in chains recorded a new debut EP "Last Forever" was released on July 2010 and on There were a huge lyric changes and changes in tempo, guitar riffs, drums, bass, Vocals and the overall sound as well the album that the whole band shared their vision on it that also had a great feedback on live shows enhancing the band performance image to higher level in their music .