Fort McMurray, Alberta, CAN

Hard not to sound cliche here, but guess what!?! We are different... Well, we think so!?! To some, music is art and for others, it is entertainment. To us, it is LIFE! We worked hard to make it both. We strive to excel each and every day at our craft... Plus, we have lots of fun in the process!


Based out of Fort McMurray, these guys were born and raised in Newfoundland, Canada and found each other through there love in music in the northern parts of the country. With their traditional roots and love for genuine rock n' roll, they blend their cultural backgrounds with their rock influences to give a edged rock vibe. Stay tuned, there will be lots to come!


Cry To Heaven - Release Date: May 4, 2012
- First single, "My Own Demise" was released April 25, 2012
- Second single, "Broken Soul" is played periodically on Canadian Rock Radio accross the country & has generated some interest in TV & Film.
- Their debut album contains 11 tracks and is available on at and

Set List

Simple Plan Show - June 30, 2013
Broken Soul
Fallin Tide
Wanting Whats Gone
My Own Demise
In My Arms
Over the Line
Butterfly Spine
Cry To Heaven
All We Know
Goodbye This Time
For Life