Destroy Babylon

Destroy Babylon


"...Destroy Babylon plays reggae-rock with an agenda. The Allston band's 311-inspired brand of music sounds relaxed, but the group has plenty to say about the government, integrity, and being a good person..." - The Boston Globe


Formed in 2001 amid the woods of Hudson, NH, Destroy Babylon are a power trio of eclectic and dynamic musicians. Drawing inspiration from the roots of dub and scattered patterns of hard bop, the band rolls their own blend of indie rock that sets them apart from the crowded Boston music scene. Destroy Babylon's debut album, "Oligopuzzled" is the product of an extensive search for self/sonic definition and is the first part of a conversation about what is and isn't working in contemporary arts and culture. On first listen, comparisons have been made to the sounds of Joe Strummer & the Clash, ALL, and 311. The group focuses on an album to be taken as a whole and the cohesion that pulls one song into the next is the same energy that has consistently drawn audiences into their explosive live performances.

Having made Allston, Massachusetts their home for the past year, the band has been actively playing throughout the New England area in venues including the Middle East, Bill's Bar, Dover Brickhouse & O'Brien's alongside acts ranging from Black Eyed Peas to Badfish. Destroy Babylon recently started their own website called Music A.D.D. to promote their music and other independent artists. More information can be found at


Rocky Shores from a Bird's Eye

Written By: John Beaudette

President G. W. Babylon
chosen by Him
just dug up and old friend
a bird named Jim
Together they will fly and stablize a central lie
high above the tide
while the bottom rung are left to drown
and God is still renowned

Row row row,
gently below the crow
we'll build the Tower of Babel all over again
plead to God and say Amen
We'll build a monument for ourselves
plead to God and place Him on our shelves.
it's an invisible institution, therefore
it needs no resolution

Of Fish & Water

Written By: John Beaudette

how can I implement the notion
to sing about persecution?
Why do I have this impulsion?
I cannot start a revolution
Still I try, I don't know why-
we claim we're color-blind
but that's a lie, nevermind
i can see you really don't mind

Well I can't join, but I can surely help
cuz i believe in human rights
for more than just myself
am I wrong to want to fight?

maybe i would understand better if
if i was more like my kind
blind and ignorant, selfish, inconsiderate
believe me i'm far from perfect-
maybe i just need to get away
and escape all this hate-
but it's everywhere I see
and I was born the enemy

No I can't join, but I can surely yell
cuz i believe in human rights
for more than just myself
am I wrong to want to fight?

You have no idea what it's like to be me
But I could never have a clue what it is to be you
Too scared to protest or to question
Let's make the most of our social regression…

if i could make like a snake and shed my skin
would it be a big mistake or my remission of sin?

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Written By: Destroy Babylon

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-Oligopuzzled [LP] 42 mins.
-2004 Demo

Set List

Our typical set is about an hour; mainly originals, but we do covers ranging from the Beatles to Bad Brains. We have enough material to play for over 2 hours. We can also change our set vibe (heavy/dubby/etc.) to whatever is appropriate for the venue, crowd, other bands...

Here's a random setlist:

Punky Reggae Party [Marley]
ADD to the Album/Oligopuzzled
Crawly Music
No Child Left
Pop N Pillage
Machines of Nature
ADD to the End
Grab a Shovel
Bureacratic Beat
Rocky Shores
Of Fish & Water
House of Suffering [Bad Brains]
Youth Dub [Brains]
Green Eyed Lady [Sugarloaf]