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"Destruction Evolution IS "Relentless""

OK !!!! So I am sitting here on a Friday nite drinkin JD and getting ready to go out for another rockin n rollin weekend. Now that’s normally when I throw some tunes on to set my mood…. So this week it was the new CD entitled “Relentless” from Destruction Evolution a hard assed, southern metal 5-piece outfit that I have been a fan of for the last year and played on “The Rebel Rock Show”. But damn me if I wasn’t in for a surprise from the opening track “Friend to Enemy.” I knew exactly why I started listening to these guys in the first place… slick guitar rhythms played like Johnny fightin the devil…. Ole Lucifer aint’ gonna win this one ……hip drivin bass lines that make you wrestle a grizzly bear and win; supported by kick in the groin drumming that makes you wanna take on a whole Viking clan….”Flesh Wound” , “Fantasy Fuel”, “Fourth of July” by the time I got to “Never Wanted” the neighbours were shouting at me to turn down the volume… but hey.. don’t tell me to turn it down cus I have a lucky 13 on my volume which means I use it and this is one album that will always be played at 13….. so if you haven’t heard Sin’s voice then you are in for a good ride… it tears a new hole in the stratosphere cus its raw, mean, bluesy, and lets you know the band means business so when “Gone Away” starts it shows a diversity that you aren’t expectin but still knew was comin….If you want an album that is hard hittin, grooving, bluesy metal, thats in your face then get out and get “Relentless” from Destruction Evolution cus that is exactly what this band is…….”
Geno D “The Rebel Rock Show” 19 Feb. 2010 - Geno D, Rebel Rock Show


If I could describe this album in one word I would have to say "Talented". I think the track that stood out the most was "Fourth of July" because of the melodic guitar riffs and that amazing guitar solo. The lyrics for this song was also something I could relate to. I think this is the year for Destruction Evolution and what a great year to release this album, good luck in the semi-finals and hopefully we see you on stage at the Oyster bake and me in the crowd. Talk to ya later.

Carlos Trevino - My Local Revolution San Antonio - Carlos Trevino

"Facebook/Twitter Post"

"Landon is making me listen to the Ink'd satellite station...jamming to 'Destruction Evolution, Relentless' It's actually pretty good lol." - Shanna Moakler - Miss USA Runner-up, Playboy model, Actress/Producer

"This One is Relentless!"

It's hot, warm and grey here. It definitely feels oozy and swampy.
Best thing is to get in your underwear, open a cold beer and crank up the stereo, fillin' the air with some fatass Southern Metal.
Destruction Evolution are a debuting band but they worked out the road enough to have the balls and guts to put out an amazing record, in the spirit of Down, Black Label Society, Halfway To Gone, and so on...
The riffs are heavy bluesy and hot (with alot of the trademark guitar sqwawks that Zakk Wylde made a trademark. The vocals are low, gruff and melodic. The sound is fat and whiskey flavoured. Life is good.
Check them Out, y'all!:
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Your source for Sludge, Stoner, and Doom - Andrea of the Sludge Swamp


- Our debut CD, Relentless, was released on March 15, 2010 (digitally on Feb 28, 2010)
- The song "Relentless" is currently in the rotation on DirecTV Channel 835 (Ink'd)
- "Relentless" also appears on the movie soundtrack for the independent film called, "Mindsight", now on DVD.
- Destruction Evolution Live: (DVD recorded live @ March 4th, 2009 show with Dokken, currently available for sale @ shows)
- Performed in the inaugural GI Jams Veterans Day Showcase in Las Vegas; video and compilation CD due out in early 2011.



Destruction Evolution played its 1st show in August 2K8 & is headlining shows locally and opening for national acts. They've opened for Dokken (2X), Saxon, Kamelot, & Texas Hippie Coalition (2X) on their US/world tours & played the South TX Rockfest with Queensryche & other national acts.

Respectfully following those that came before them, but calling on different influences - blurring the boundaries between blues, metal and southern rock, Destruction Evolution is creating an evolution in music through sonic destruction. Part of the emerging force of southern bands suddenly rediscovering their southern musical roots through metal, Destruction Evolution makes it heavy - but heavy with a groove. Like so many great bands before them, Destruction Evolution descends from the Black Sabbath branch of the Rock/Metal family tree. Taking the heavy, dark Sabbath sound and filtering it through their own unique combination of influences as diverse as Helmet, David Allen Coe and Alice in Chains, the resulting mix ranges from swampy, sitting on your front porch rocking chair type blues metal, to heavy, southern hard rock balanced with a touch of 90s grunge alternative vibe.

Too heavy to be considered Southern Rock, too bluesy and swampy to be just metal, for a long time there was no genre where Destruction Evolution would fit...but now there is an emerging genre that blends elements of Doom, Stoner Rock, Metal and Southern Rock: Southern Metal.

If you want to know what kind of music Destruction Evolution makes, just take a little Black Label Society, a dash of Alice in Chains, throw in some Monster Magnet and some Soundgarden, and grind it all up. Steep this in the dregs of Black Sabbath & Led Zeppelin - the resulting concoction is Destruction Evolution.

And in case you're wondering, seeing Destruction Evolution live is an experience you won't soon forget...and that's not just our opinion, that's something that's reaffirmed after every show by friends, fans, & other bands.

Destruction Evolution also features the following:
-An experienced original/cover vocalist (Sin) that also sings the national anthem at San Antonio Spurs games & San Antonio Missions games. He is a US military veteran who served in Desert Storm and in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom.
-A journeyman drummer (Richie) and eight year Army veteran, that has gigged & recorded with some of Austin's Americana elite including Shelley King, Leann Atherton, & others.
-A rhythm guitar player (Donny) based out of Austin who has performed countless hours on stage and has worked as a guitar tech for Pink Floyd and many other bandsl.
-2 Guitar Wars Champs (how many bands can claim that?!) - Chris-lead guitar, & Jim-bass, have both won San Antonio's Guitar Wars competition.