Swept by the Eastern coast winds of Reunion Island, five young musicians, singers and percussionists linked their fate (DESTYN) to promote their culture, to brandish their ancestor’s torch light and to go back to their MALOYA roots.Their youth and their explosive talent reinvent the traditional


The band of DESTYN was born during the holidays of August 1995 created by five schoolboys.
Their love and their passoin for a music, called “maloya”, come from their elders and “Madagascan ceremonies” where they sang and were follower.
These teenagers, searching for their reunionese identity, chose the traditional music of Reunion Island in order to honor their ancestors and preserve the tradition in the future.
Progressively, they learnt to make and to play traditional instruments.
After many rehearsals, Fabrice Ramaye became the leader of the group: he wrote most of the lyrics. Each of them brought a musical touch to the songs.
The name “DESTYN” represents the meeting ween five boys it’s for them a sign of destiny. They began appearing on stage in July 1996, for the end of school year, festival they received many encouragements by the audience (relatives, friends…) and decided to carry on .
Now Destyn is on the point of showing his capacities but Fabrice,Cédric, Gael, Christopher and Mickaël only lack the experience of the scene.
This following story is about the 10 years of Destyn, here are the most important dates.
-30 nov 2007
Festival Africolor à Paris
- 24 nov 2007
Festival djez men en folie Burkina Faso
- 8 au 12 nov 2007
Festival interculturel de Mayotte
- 24 au 31 juillet 2006
Festival médina Anjouan (île comore)
- 30 mai au 7 juin 2006
2ème participation au Festival Donia Nosy Bé Madagascar
- 26 mai au 1 juin 2004
Festival Donia Nosy bé Madagascar
- 2 au 10 décembre 2004
Festival kréol de île Rodrigue


maxi cd 5 titre 2003 "Réyoné"

album 12 titre 2006"Arrêt kritiké"

hommaz a nout ancètre 2088 " dada vita "

Set List

SIX artists feature power skins and the harmony vocals; a dialogue between music and dance where virtuosity and good humour joke around, brought by the generosity of the artists, original musical compositions, choreography and surprising .
Their only goal: to dance the public and share the world of the feast.
DESTYN, by the virtuosity of its artists, by the musicality of polyrhythms and song, a tribute to the richness of this cultural heritage. Se feeding on the traditional repertoire, DESTYN compose and arrange music rare and powerful, where the percussion becomes skins melody, the dialogue between music and dance tells a story, the desire to enter the festival is irresistible.