We take a unique blend of sounds and mash them all up to make one complete package, our sound can range from classical breakdowns to dropping rap lyrics over drum and bass. We now try to emulate Madeons success by starting the conversion to a live show, as seen is his "Pop Culture" video.


Bro-Step, Dub-Step, Step-Step?! Where will it stop?! For us, it doesn't. We mashup all sounds that make people dance. We take a huge number of sound clips and samples and then mix them all into one track.

In a Daft Punk like ploy, we DJ anonyously, we want people to experience our music, not us. The mask allows us to inject more passion and feeling into the set. One of the duo comes from a musical background and the other purely DJ'ing. Together, they join forces to mix the rapid changes found in classical music with the heavy pulses and basslines found in Dubstep, Hard Electro and Drum and Bass.

Set List

We have a unique passion for our music, we make each set individual and different from the last. You will never hear us play quite the same tune twice!

We have no requirments and only require compensation for transport and accomodation.