We Play what we feel, our songs are usually written about the inner city becasue that is where we are from. Political and Urban issues, Brought to you by a Metal band that you can Jam to. Driving Guitars and Beats, with lyrics that need to be Heard


We formed as a band a Year and a Half ago, and yes like many a band we have went through our Stuggles and Members. Dedication, Desire and HARD ASS work, that is what has Gotten us to where we are. Forged out of the lives and Crimes of 4 inner city, Metalheads, Detached hopes to exspose the plight of the ghettos of Cincinnati to the nation. No matter what major city or small town, life is hard all over. You will get a view of our lifes and the views we have on political and environmental issues. One minute playing A Hard Driving Metal Song, to the Next playing a HardRock Jam, we do what we do and never worry about whether the song is what "we do", if it jams to us we play it no matter. So with Detached your going see and hear a band with no musical boundries. Cruching Guitars with Thunderous Beats and Driving Bass, And Vocals you can Understand and Relate to.


Ep; Product
Lp; Built for War

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Set List

Product :4:00
Hand Over Fist :3:25
Full Scale Nightmare :3:00
Obscene :4:00
ThrowAway :3:10
Whats it worth :3:45
No Justice :2:20
Eliminated :3:20
Cold Black Heart :3:00
Caught in a Lie :3:00
Self-Control :2:30
Our sets Vary depending on the Event