Detagoh infuses the unique sounds of violin and harmonica with piano and guitars to create an exciting sound that is catchy and appealing to a wide and diverse audience. The Detagoh sound can best be described as pop with a bluesy, sometimes country-sounding, element.


"Detagoh is a breath of fresh air in a very polluted music universe. This band carves its own niche into the musical landscape with its original sound and well-crafted songs. Each of their songs can be used as a counterpoint to the argument that there is not good, new music out there. The universe needs more Detagoh" ( Detagoh (pronounced Day-TAH-go) was formed in Cleveland, OH by PJ Anderson and John Pacini in 1999. Relocating to Chicago, Anderson and Pacini were quickly joined by some of Chicago’s top musicians helping to create an original sound that is hard to categorize. Time Out Chicago says, "What amazes us about Detagoh is that two instruments as dissimilar as the violin and harmonica can coexist in the same band without getting in each other's way."

A young group of "veterans," Detagoh has landed many high profile gigs including opening act for Rusted Root at House of Blues in December 2007 and opening act for Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers at Loyola University Chicago in 2005. Detagoh demands your attention as they incorporate catchy, original music with clever, crowd-pleasing covers that energize audiences.

Detagoh has performed at Chicago's premier music venues including: Martyrs, Double Door, Cubby Bear, House of Blues and many more.

Detagoh has also been part of Chicago's famouse Taste of Chicago and multiple Clear Channel Entertainment's Monster Truck and Arena Cross tours.

Drawing from the diverse musical experience of each band member Detagoh has a full, deep, unique sound that is hard to classify. With their latest release “Fly to June” voted top 5 release of 2005 by I-Rock-Radio, Detagoh delivers a diverse blend of musical styles without ever sacrificing the catchy-club and radio-ready music.

Major Past Events
12/26/07 Opening Act for Rusted Root at House of Blues Chicago
11/28/07 Abbey Pub with Gredde Entertainment
10/14/07 - Around the Coyote Festival, Chicago
10/14/07 - Ron Santo JDRF Walk for the Cure, Chicago
9/4/07 - Martyrs, Chicago
8/3/07 - Navy Pier, Chicago
7/5/07 - WXRT'S Police Cover Up at Cubby Bear, Chicago
6/29/07 - Taste of Chicago
12/27/07- Headliners at House of Blues Chicago
12/14/06 -Double Door, Chicago
5/4/06 - Opened for Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers
2/18/06 - Allstate Arena for Clear Channel Monster Truck event
2/4/06 - Prairie Capital Convention Center for Clear Channel Arena Cross event
1/13/06 - Headliners at Double Chicago
1/5/06 - WGN Live Broadcast at Hay Caramba with John Williams
12/3/05 - Metro Centre, Rockford, IL for Clear Channel Arena Cross event

Detagoh has also performed various shows at US Cellular Field (aka Old Comiskey Field) in Chicago and multiple benefits for organizations including AACTION Autism and Global Alliance for Africa.


Thoughts Rome

Written By: PJ Anderson/Detagoh

Thoughts Rome

I don’t remember how you left
But, will you check your time?
Cuz you’ve been stealing someone’s sand
And the hours I think, are mine.

We haven’t talked in way too long
And I’ve seen you even less.
But, in my mind we talked just yesterday
And that’s where you’ve been all along

Tell me why I even try
Tell me you don’t care.
It’s on your word, not mine, so make me aware
Break my heart, I promise I won’t cry.

Do you think of me when you talk to him?
And of all the things you said…
Tell me that I’ve crossed your mind just once
Even that would ease my head.


City Lights

Written By: John Pacini, PJ Anderson/Detagoh


Welcome to the city lights
A paradise below your eyes
You have changed
And blown away your pains.

Moments only end
When you say they’re gonna end
I said speak to me,
And tell me where you’ve been.

Verse 1

Window pain or looking glass
Were holding back her last two steps
A minute lost was more than she
Could ask.

A dusty cloud before her eyes
As she looked down between the lines
And wondered where the times had
Come and gone.


Verse 2

Empty Train at 3 AM
She’s sitting down and looking in
The only thing she loved was what
She spent.

I think I’ve seen your face
Around before

Fly to June

Written By: John Pacini/Detagoh

I don’t know what I did
I don’t know what it was about you
But it was about you

Verse 1
I chopped down cherry trees
When they were still in bloom
Temptation made her way
Temptation played astray the answer
Then I saw the answer

Then I felt your motivation
Push on me your heart and soul
Let me hear your Innervisions
Then I’ll fly
I’ll fly to June

Verse 2
Teatime and kitchen sets
Read back my epitaph
Somewhere between our steps
These feet have never met the pavement
Never liked the pavement

Daydreams her way to me
Downtown, I’m wanting more
Cheese Prince and Cadillacs
Can’t change the way I am, I’ll tell you
Her only flaws perfection

Let Go

Written By: PJ Anderson/Detagoh

Fading from white to gray, between the lines of blue.
Knowing no matter how far I stray, there’ll always be you.
I learn from you, you learn from me, you teach me how to live, but I wonder,
How much I will take from you until you’ve got nothing to give.

Stop me when I’m falling
Start me when I slow.
Make me hear you calling
And don’t you ever, ever let go, don’t you ever let go.

I’m staring out the window but, I see nothing go by
I just see my reflection and I look into my eyes.
But, do I see the person that I know I should be oh tell me,
Where oh where oh where is the person, the one that I call me


I never saw, I still don’t see but, I think I’m on my way
The eyes I see, the way things be are striving for a day where I will be
Clear of head, clear of mind, clear of body and soul.
Until that day I think I’ll know, that I’ve filled up that hole.



Live at the Elbo Room - Released July 2004
Fly to June - Released November 2005

Several tracks are being played on WGN Radio (Chicago), Z107.1 Radio (Northwest Indiana), I-Rock Radio (Internet radio), Hostage Radio (Chicago), WLUW (Chicago)

Set List

Our typical set ranges from 45 minutes to 3 hours in length. Detagoh focuses on writing and performing original music, but always excites the crowd with catchy, well-known cover songs.

Typical set includes a mix of originals and covers. We can also play all originals or increase the amount of cover songs.

Typical Set:
Lost (Detagoh)
Hope (Detagoh)
Wonderwall (Oasis)
Hometown Blues (Detagoh)
Mystery Kid (Detagoh)
Every Little Thing She Does is Magic (The Police)
Better Than I Am (Detagoh)
Let Go (Detagoh)
Thoughts Rome (Detagoh)
No Rain (Blind Melon)
Fall Into Me (Detagoh)
Country Roads (John Denver)
Fly To June (Detagoh)
City Lights (Detagoh)
Anything But Kind (Detagoh)