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Details Details


Details Details is an electronic music artist from outside Nashville, Tennessee. Artist to compare Details Details to would include: Owl City, Daft Punk, HelloGoodbye, and the Postal Service.


Hi, my name is Seth. In 2006, I began to play around with my computer and wrote electronic songs for me and my friends. I posted these songs online and within a short time, more people began to listen. 2 years later, I played my first live show at a small coffee shop, creating Details Details. Since then, I've played in front of many more people and made many more smiles. In 2009, Details Details has played not only in one of Nashville's premier venues The Rutledge but also Lipscomb University, Central Station in Orlando, Florida, and for a large Summer Camp in West Virginia.
The fall of 2009, Details Details released its first self titled EP. Songs included on the EP: Just Say Something, Dissemble, Highway Crosswalk (featured on Nashville's 102.9 The Buzz) and 3 more fun tracks to create any situation into an intense dance party. In celebration to the release of these tracks, DD is going on 14 day tour with friend/fellow musician Travis Flynn. Atlanta, Georgia; Greensboro, North Carolina; Lynchberg, Virginia; Cincinnati, and many more! Details Details is now booking for the remainder of the year and for Spring of 2010.
I hope you enjoy my music as much as i enjoy making it! Thanks and keep on keeping on! :) - Seth


Details Details (2009) - 6 Tracks including: Just Say Something, Dissemble, Highway Crosswalk, Providential, Muse, Zoned Out.

Set List

Dissemble, Just Say Something, Highway Crosswalk, I Need To Know, Zoned Out, Heartless (Kanye West Cover), Veracious, Providential, Muse.

9-11 Song set that ranges from 35 to 45 minutes.