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details unknown


Midwestern rock band whose roots reflect each member of the band's own creativity and innovation. We all bring our own elements and perspectives into one being. Every member of this band will tell you that this band's music is what it is; how you interpret it is entirely up to you.


As stated before, our music is how you the listener interprets it, what we hear and what you hear are two different things. We are a Rock band simply put. Each member has its own influences ranging from Mainstream Rock/Pop, Hard Rock/Metal, Classic Rock, Punk, and Rock Alternative. At one point or another, all of our songs reflect each member of this band and their abilities as well as the amount of contribution that it takes to develop these songs and to make them what they are today. We did not evolve overnight, it took 2 years and many different styles as well as firing 2 different singers (both who had completely opposite music styles) that did not fit our approach. With the addition of Rob Meyer (who was a perfect fit for our music style), we became a more cohesive unit that resulted in hard work, devotion, a band who doesn't waste it's time partying, and a band who consistently writes good music each time we step into our studio. We are not a cover band, it takes too much time away from writing our own music and based on past experiences, it can really bog down a band's creativity as well as playing the gigs that are really important. Money is not the main issue; our philosophy is this, "take care of the big things (writing innovative songs) and the little things will take care of the rest" (getting signed, money, gigs, etc.). Our main mission right now is to make sure that every listener out there has the opportunity to hear our work and realize that good music can come from more places than just the major metropolitan areas of the world; obviously we want to be signed to a label and play as many shows as possible. To put it another way, we just want to spread the word.


Songs self- released from EP "Something of Value"
1. Life
2. Miss Those Days
3. Just Be Like That
4. Everyone's The Same
5. Don't Be Surprised
6. Wish

Set List

1. Life
2. Miss Those Days
3. The Maynard and Maynerd Show
4. Deep Blue Sea*
5. I'll Drive
6. I Remember*
7. Lost*
8. Wish
9. Don't Be Surprised
10. Vanity*
"*" songs to be released Summer 2006 on the next upcoming EP currently in production