Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

The grinding intensity of extreme metal, the deep-pounding hit of industrial and the raw production and sporadic feel of old-school garage punk rock


Colorado Springs rock band "Deathcentrik" was conceived in the summer of 2009 by Stefan "Død Beverte" Klein. Stylistically renamed "Dethcentrik," the band was founded by vocalist Død, guitarist/bassist Justin Torres, and shortly after joined briefly by guitarist Mike Glass. Later joined by bassist Rose, guitarist Cole Gould, and briefly by drummer Skyler Burnham, the band began as an extreme metalcore group, at least conceptually, with the one recording taking on more of a raw black metal feel, largely due to Justin's influences. Dormant for months, and losing lead guitarist Justin, Dethcentrik emerged again in late October of 2009 after Zach "Helvete Vokte" Taube joined the band upon leaving his last project. By November 2009, the single "Life Down the Toilet" was recorded, containing heavier influences from death metal, hardcore, and grind. By mid-November 2009, Dethcentrik gained a new drummer Brian Pinelo. In 2010 guitarist Zach "Helvete Vokte" Taube was fired for his behavior and was replaced by JT Nightwolf who resigned shortly after being put on leave for his behavior as well. JT shortly thereafter threatened close friends of the band with violence and broke into their home; he was arrested soon after. After many brief lineup changes Kyle Merrill joined Dethcentrik as lead guitarist, and Alex Virga joined on bass. As of now... Dethcentrik combines sounds of garage grind and extreme metal, aiming to be influential in the punk and metal underground...


Society's Whores

Written By: Død Beverte

(Our Father being prayed)

Thou Shall Not... Kill!

Don't just believe what you are told,
their oppressive bullshit is getting old!
You must stand up, be bold!
Do you really buy all you hear?
The time to rise and overtake is near!
Until you take back your souls,
you are all Society's whores!
Fuck religion,
Fuck the law,
Fuck it!
Fuck it all!
You must be bold!
Let the truth unfold!
Let our time dawn!
From us, an era of truth shall spawn!
Free the souls of all you meet,
Help them stand freely on their feet!
Stand on your feet!
Arise, and give Society a harsh defeat!
A harsh defeat!
Conquer, defeat!

Life Down the Toilet

Written By: Død Beverte; Zachary "Helvete Vokte" Taube

You fucked yourself over, your life is through!
You flushed your life away, don't take mine too!
Piece of shit,
You fucked up bad, you know it's true!
You can't take back any of this, you'll regret the lives you've forever messed!
You'll never have children or a wife, you have practically ended your life!
Spewing all that crap out your mouth,
Eating the crap others spit out

Your soul is corrupt,
Your life Sucked up!
You will never again see,
The life you flushed away willingly!

Life Down the Toilet!
Life Down the Toilet!

You'd kill to have it all back,
Your foes will kill you,
Should have thought of that!
There's no turning back,
The done is through!
You might as well be cut in two!

You've put your life down the toilet,
Life down the toilet...

Life down the toilet.


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