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Tallahassee, Florida, United States

Tallahassee, Florida, United States
Band Metal Rock


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DethDefy @ Floyds Music Store

Tallahassee, Florida, USA

Tallahassee, Florida, USA

DethDefy @ Pulp Live

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

DethDefy @ The Crowbar

Tampa, Florida, USA

Tampa, Florida, USA

This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



In closing out the evening's "LOCALS ONLY PLUS - SHOW 1", Tallahassee's homegrown Dethdefy brought the evening to a rocking conclusion by placing the members within the audience further into shock as the music fans pressed further into the mosh pit and closer to the stage.

Although having seen Dethdefy previously (February or March - heck if I can remember THAT far back), DD individually and collectively gave one of their best performances and were undoubtedly the best band of the evening.

Simply self described as a metal, progressive and rock band, they should have added ass kicking to their site.

With members,

Ian - Vocals and Guitar
Jeff - Lead Guitar
Jeremy - Bass
Tony - Drums

Special appearance by - former bassist Kase (entering the Navy).

their set left people wanting more. The band managed - without much effort - to get the crowd heavily involved during their set which included,

Last Stand
The Ride
18 (Alice Cooper)
Destroy Her
You Really Got Me - encore (Van Halen / Kinks original)

Their newest song "The Ride" is posted upon their site.

The continued stream and rapid movement of all three guitarists was quite impressive. Furthermore, it was quite evident that they are simply passionate and very confident with their music that they shall become signed with a major label at some time soon.

All they need is to latch onto a couple of tours by national acts (with their EP available) and watch their fan base continue to grow.

Watch for these guys to release their EP soon.

- john(ozz) x101.5 radio critic

Dethdefy. That is the one word that is needed to describe the Tallahassee band. The Tallahassee natives are a ready to go, inferno. With their deput Ep scheduled for release in the coming weeks and with an ever growing fan base, DethDefy has taken the local music scene of Tallahassee to an entirely new level. With their pure energy, mixture of New rock style, classic rock riffs and screaming vocals, Dethdefy stands on the cusp and pulse of the music scene. Dethdefy has only a small amount of time until they are nationally known and internationally respected. With the future of the band within site, DethDefy moves forward at full speed, taking no prisoners and bulling down those that stand in the way - Dethdefy


"Defiant Till the End" Ep recorded @ vision sounds in jacksonville



Dethdefy has established itself as one of Tallahassee Florida's premiere hard rock/metal bands. Born out of the desire for something more, Ian and Tony began Dethdefy in early 2007. Both founding members wanted more then what was on the radio, and wanted more in their lives then just school and work. With the desire to move past the ordinary and the will to push radio rock aside Ian and Tony pushed forward with everything they had.
First they had to complete the Dethdefy line-up. After countless auditions and numerous member changes, the talent of Dethdefy was complete. First with Jeff, an oldschool metal head inspired by the likes of Van Halen, Zztop, and early Ozzy. Jeff also had a flare for classical guitar studying at the FSU school of guitar performance. Creepy then joined the band; a drinking buddy of Jeffs and a legendery bass player around Tallahassee. Creepy jumped at the chance to be part of this new entity known as Dethdefy. With Dethdefy fully formed they have quickly taken over the Tallahasse music scene and pushed the imaginations of listeners, fans, and even there fellow Tallahasse local bands.