the Detholz!

the Detholz!


“(A) wildly eccentric and oddball group of militant Misters who regularly defy convention and common sense with an air of utmost authority.” ~Sidewinder ‘Zine


Virtuosos of melodic appropriation and genre-leaping mutation, Chicago's Detholz! (pronounced 'death holes') operate a carnival ride through the universes of pop, punk and new wave. A Detholz! concert experience is a sonic adventure in literate hysterics - a motivational seminar, traveling circus and big-tent religious revival playing simultaneously to a congregation of true believers. Sophomore disc "Next New Now," due for release this summer, promises to deliver in sonic form the raw, frantic energy of the Detholz! live show.

Formed at (and later expelled by) a fundamentalist bible school in 1996, the Detholz! created a rock-n-roll Frankenstein out of doctrinal suffocation, a shared appreciation for avant-garde music and the techniques of mass-market mind control. They've since played ceaselessly through the Midwest and East Coast with bands such as Wilco, Radio 4, Electric Six, King Missile, Skeleton Key and Pansy Division.

"Prepare to be mesmerized, hypnotized, super-sized," warns front man Mister C, before diving into a manic rant on advertising and attention spans while jerking and jumping about . . . as if a Latter-Day David Byrne were fronting Fugazi performing a Devo tribute. With razor-sharp execution the Detholz! take the Good People on a head-bobbing romp through pop psychologies, fundamentalist ideologies and marketing strategies, all the while anchored by the menacing Mister M, a giant, cloaked Preacher Man uttering fresh apocalyptic warnings to the crowd like a Flannery O'Connor bottom-country evangelist.

The message is epic, and the medium is undeniably exuberant and gleefully geeky. Turn-on-a-dime changes, unabashed genre-mutilation, grandiose productions and slightly satanic top-40 covers combine to form what can only be called Detholz! . . . and the faithful keep coming back for more.


Who Are the Detholz!? (2002)
The Detholz! EP (2004)