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"Hey Colossus / Dethscalator LP Review"

Sur l'autre face, des débutants prennent la place des vieux briscards. Dethscalator est aussi anglais que Hey Colossus et je sens que cette face sera beaucoup plus usée que l'autre. Avec l'ancien chanteur des Hunting Lodge dans leur rang, Dethscalator martyrise la sphère du punk-rock en l'abordant plus frontalement que leurs camarades de jeu du jour. Une approche déviante tout de même qui doit autant au feu-Penthouse qu'à Pissed Jeans avec un chant collant aux basques de David Yow avec une pointe de débilité à la Al Johnson. Que demander de mieux ?! C'est plus souvent mid-tempo que virulent, poisseux avec un riff sentant la ferraille, voir cyclique sur l'excellent You know nothing about caring and martial art. Ce noise-rock colle aux chaussures, opte pour la démarche du mec bourré (le chant titubant y est beaucoup dans cette impression), est plein de témérité aveugle (Kicking the horns off a bull, des volontaires ?), de bassesse, de vilaines pensées et, allez savoir pourquoi, me fait souvent penser aux Brainbombs. La crasse entre les cordes sans doute et l'hypnose qui s'en dégage. Le groupe annonce un split 7'', un album pour les mois prochains et qu'apprends-je à l'instant, ce groupe est venu fouler les planches du Mondo Bizarro à Rennes en septembre 2008, mais c'est quoi ce bordel ??!! On surveille donc ce nouveau groupe de très près et un split à décapiter n'importe quelle tête de Hell's Angels. - Perte et Fracas

"A Space to Call Your Own"

Despite being fronted by Hokaben's chief organisational driving force, the presence of stoned-squall rockers Dethscalator here is entirely justified on their own merits. With riffs the size of London itself, their only two self-confessed influences - Black Sabbath and Scatch Acid - are undeniable. Considering any band that claims zero musical hat tips are ordinarily balls-out liars, though, you may as well choose the best. Hollering singer Dan Chandler paces on a trajectory only he can visualise, a bear with a shaven, sore head. And in 'Bradford Cockfight' they wield a memorable mid-Atlantic scrap played out halfway between Birmingham and Texas. - Plan B Magazine

"Why Haven’t You Heard Of DETHSCALATOR?"

Most bloggers are content to “research” bands using the Internet as a lazy tool. A few others actually attend local shows, frequently with the proviso that the label or publicity firm promoting these groups offer up comp admission and the occasional drink ticket in the hopes of reciprocity. And then, there are the ravenous mavericks like yours truly, unafraid of the financial and social consequences of hopping a transatlantic flight, traveling hours by tube and rail, and ultimately putting shabby sneakers to cobbled pavement and cow-infested footpaths just to see some promising unsigned noise rock act play through shitty gear in the claustrophobic confines of a cramped pub backroom in the middle of fucking nowhere. That kind of gonzo devotion to subjective music journalism is as rare these days as a heterosexual Republican congressman restraining himself from wantonly fellating stranger after hirsute stranger in the semi-privacy of an airport bathroom. For that, dear readers, you’d best be grateful for the sacrifices I’ve made to introduce you lot to Dethscalator. The least you could do is give the band a listen. - Metal Sucks Webzine

"Hokaben Festival Review"

Dethscalator menacingly stalk the bar’s two tiered stage like wild dogs, churning out kickass evil Melvins'ish riffola. - Drowned in Sound


Stoke Newington based metal destroyers Dethscalator make a sound that is sort of between The Melvins and a man being beaten to a pulp by a metal crowbar. Still, with tours with the likes of Qui and Pissed Jeans, they're probably one of the best UK art - metal bands out there right now. -

"London Gigs 2009"

The third band is dethscalator. they start slow and sludgy, and when the singer joins the fray i fall in love. i'm reminded of the first time i saw velcro gloves. an echoey rumble. a comforting blanket of grimy sound, and the most entertaining drummer i've seen in a while. - Emoware

"Hokaben 2008"

Following them was the festivals hidden gem in my eyes…. DETHSCALATOR are from London, and clearly get thrown into the category of sounding like Sabbath or Electric Wizard, which is a pretty lazy comparison, they are so much more than those bands.
Brief lowdown… Singer that looks like local (Pompey) MC Bully and stalks the stage looking angry (but really doesn’t want to touch/hurt/mosh with folk), an excellent guitarist (aesthetically similar to our Jaspie!), and a drumber with Mike Patton hair that has one cymbal. Awesome. - Rusty Old Ballbags Webzine

"Hey Colossus/Dethscalator LP Review"

Dethscalator tip the scales with five tracks that are a gripping entry
into their world of gloriously dishevelled garage sludge. These songs
are cut from a fractious, agitated cloth. Lumbering, zombie-like
grooves sway with a howling swagger all of their own, their closeted,
wrangled guitar noise is wrestled to the ground by the mortal yelps of
their commandingly incoherent vocalist. Less an album than a bracing
fumigation of the senses, it's also a highly auspicious start for this
dark new venture. - Rock-A-Rolla magazine

"Best Unsigned Act"

Amusing names are the norm for doom metal bands these days, and so it is with Dethscalator. Describing themselves as "Black Sabbath meets Scratch Acid", they have a spectacular, sludgy sound that could come straight from Hades - although they are actually from Stoke Newington. - London Lite Newspaper

"Hey Colossus vs Dethscalator LP Review"

Which brings us to Dethscalator, who we liked already, cuz, well, they're called Dethscalator, we're like that. Thankfully the sound lives up to the name, a gnarled blend of Gore like repetitive heaviness, and lo-slung Jesus Lizard like noise rock, the vocals especially, a dead ringer for David Yow, all scowly and sort of sung / spoken, and super distorted, with the band swinging all downtuned and seasick, until they lock into bursts of cyclical riffage, that sound almost looped, occasionally lifting off into some serious space rock territory, before falling back into another stretch of woozy metallic noise rock, culminating in the weird brooding noise rock slowjam that ends the record, murky and washed out and gloomy, weirdly melodic and super dark and creepy. Rad rad rad. Definitely need more Dethscalator in our lives. - Aquarius Records


Hey Colossus vs. Dethscalator Split 12'' LP (Black Labs Records) 2009
European Tour Issue Ep (Farm Girl Records) 2008
Live on Resonance FM (Resonance FM Radio Session) 2008
Streaming tracks available via lastfm
Radio airplay for track 'Bradford Cock Fight' on various UK regional independent FM stations



Formed in late 2007 in North London, Dethscalator fuse Am-Rep style belligerent noise rock with Sabbath-inspired riffing. Featuring members of well-known UK underground groups such as Gin Palace, Hunting Lodge, Moist and Monkey Island who united under a common love of ZZ Top and Slayer.

Dethscalator were taken under the wing of John at Chuckalumba studios (Electric Wizard, Comanechi) in early 2008 for some recording sessions which led to the bands first demo. Shortly after, Dethscalator began a hectic gigging schedule that saw them undertake headline tours of the UK and Europe as well as appearances at the Hokaben, British Wildlife, and STE festivals in the UK and the ZXZW festival in the Netherlands.

The band have also done supports for artists such as Pissed Jeans, Acid Mothers Temple, Fucked Up, Part Chimp, Whitehouse, Qui and Zu in the UK and abroad. Through this constant gigging, Dethscalator have gained a reputation for being the hardest working band in UK noise rock, well, if not the hardest working definitely the busiest.

In 2009 Dethscalator's debut album, a split LP with fellow UK noise-band Hey Colossus, was released on Black Labs records, a subsidiary of Riot Season Records.