Detox Retox

Detox Retox

 Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA

Detox Retox are a 4-piece band from Washington, DC who play catchy indie rock with healthy doses of post-punk and garage thrown in. It will make you dance.


Detox Retox is a DC-based band consisting of lead singer Michael Parker, lead guitarist Nate Frey, bassist Kevin Glass, and drummer Kabir Khanna. The members of the band performed together in various configurations for several years, eventually settling on their current lineup in late 2007. They made their live debut on WMUC-FM at the University of Maryland soon thereafter, performing on the station's long-running Third Rail Radio program.

Influenced by classic rock bands like The Police and the Talking Heads, as well as modern rock bands like Phoenix and Franz Ferdinand, Detox Retox plays catchy, danceable rock music. They have performed high-energy shows for enthusiastic crowds throughout the DC metro area as well as the broader mid-Atlantic region, opening for such notable national acts as Asobi Seksu, Male Bonding, The Subjects, and Dragonette, among others.

The band released their debut EP in 2008 to positive critical and fan response. One song from that record has been featured on Fuse TV, and the band performed another live on the nationally syndicated show Fearless Music. Their second EP, Movement, was released on June 15, 2010, and features the production work of Andrew Maury (Ra Ra Riot, Princeton). The band continues to perform live regularly and is constantly working on new music.



Written By: M. Parker

Un, Deux, Trois, Caroline
Nobody else is watching, I'm surrounded by machines
Are we on our way?
Are we on our way?

Come on closer, come on close
Are we in too late, are we in too late?
Feet don't fail me, feet don't fail
Are we too late, are we too late?

Close to You

Written By: M. Parker

Follow my finger down the line
I wanna see you when you shine

Pour out your cocktail, it's the only thing that's dry
So I'll pass on cocaine blushes and the lushes to my right
But to my left is all the liquid sex I’ve been waiting for all night
I’m kicking TV sets and cigarettes, come over and waste my time

Close to you, when I get close to you
See I found a light in your insides and I’m looking for a clue
I’m chasing trails and fairy tales, but I’m never giving up
'Til I get closer to you, closer baby closer

So shine a light inside my heart tonight
Hold on tight and don't let go, you can’t let go
You’re the patron saint of sabotage, I see it in your eyes
But your lips are paper tigers and I’m stuck between your thighs

Driving the wrong way down the road, we still got a long way to go
And your hands are wrapped around my neck tell me what are you waiting for?

Hush, darling. Are you still awake?
Come follow my directions
Red-letter day injections turn your insides into liquid
I’m feeling so addicted to the pain beneath your skin
Forgive us for our sins


Hard to Swallow - EP, 2008
Movement - EP, 2010

Set List

Close to You
The Cult of Reason
Sleep Around
Open Book
End of the Night
Evil Disco
Dispatches from the Chernaya Rechka
Too Late