Their music brings in styles from across the board; R.S.A.G. and apocalyptica featuring strongly. as you may be able to tell from the track its very metal without overloading the senses, Fergal takes a lot of classical music into the mix but liam brings a metal/acid jazz funk to the mix


The guys are a fledgeling band with the potential to go very far, they recently had a sucessful gig together in a battle of the bands
competition in NUI Maynooth and have won the first leg i have since been in contact with the organisers who plan on having the next leg some time in Feb.
Influential bands: gomez, tool, lamb of god and apocalyptica to name but a few
uniqueness:completely unique sound which started as an experiment


mercury arc and bollix are streaming

Set List

an hour or so with present material
covers are generally left out unless requested!
songs include bollix, mercury arc, smashing tomatoes, 37 inch saw, intravenous,delete.....