Detroit CYDI

Detroit CYDI

 Detroit, Michigan, USA
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Detroit CYDI is to rap as Chef Ramsey with food. We take everyday situations, carve them into hand-crafted rhymes, lay into classic beats, sprinkle energy and VOILA...out comes a creative, engaging, fun dish that sticks to your ribs. Hilariously enough, we probably don't curse as much as he does.


What started out as a group of teenagers rhyming at the lunch table gave birth to one of the most highly sought after electro-rap groups around. Detroit CYDI (CYDI = Can You Dig It?!) emerged from a super group of friends and high school classmates known as The Illiance. Detroit CYDI is comprised of the lyricists Stryfe, Sean Uppercut and Rufio Jones with emcee/producer Doctor Illingsworth. Years were spent developing a skill set and dynamic as a group before combining talents with Swedish producer Erik L. This collaboration led to the critically acclaimed "The Rhyming Dictionary". Erik L and Doctor Illingsworth produced a diversity of beats featuring a blend of electronic hip-hop interlaced with a smooth and dynamic Detroit sound. This gave Detroit CYDI the ability to display their microphone skills over a set of unparalleled productions. Furthermore, a gift of a used copy of “The New American Comprehensive Rhyming Dictionary" inspired the title of their first mastered album. The latest offering was an six song EP called "Ringtone Rap"; a CD of lyrics over default ringtones from numerous cellphones.Today, Detroit CYDI can be found performing for and impressing audiences at a variety of venues throughout Metro Detroit. Most recently Detroit CYDI presented at TEDxDetroit using live Tweets for impromptu raps. New music is continuously being produced and crowds are still pleasantly surprised at each live show. It’s a great time to be in Detroit, Can You Dig It?!


"The Rhyming Dictionary" LP (2008)

"The Rhyming Thesaurus" LP (2009)

"Semi-Dead" web series theme song (2009)

"Binary Code" single (2010)

"Detroit CYDI" single (2010)

"Yeah Bitch" single (2011)

"All the Jazz" single (2011)

"AT&T (We Are Hot)" single (2011)

"Ringtone Rap" EP (2011)

Set List

Detroit CYDI
All the Jazz
Blackberry (Pure)
Yeah Bitch
Too Cool (We Are The Tay remix)