Detroit Red

Detroit Red

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The storyteller with the gift of vision, Detroit Red is not your ordinary emcee. Thought provoking and thoroughly entertaining to many, Detroit Red brings balance back to hip-hop.


A Native from Detroit, Michigan, Detroit Red is the beginning of change. From prolific rhymes to vivid punch lines, Detroit Red is a narrator of life's struggles and hard lessons and outlets of joy and pain. Detroit Red's style brings about thought to the party life and sometimes to the real life episodes we wake up to every morning.

As an m.c (move the crowd), Detroit Red focused on entertaining by delivering what people are missing in hip hop: truth. With a hot deliver and energy that can fill anyone's stagnant lungs, Detroit Red is a definite crowd pleaser. And it never hurt to be easy on the eyes to the women...

Currently working on a double CD release, Detroit Red has been performing at every open mic that will take him, as well as appearing on several podcasts and internet radio.


Appearances on 3 Different Stylez (What Good Is An M.C. If He Can't Flow), Big Von's EP (Cancel That), Arch Bishop's EP (Live Reaction) and on 3rd Rail Records presents The Affiliates. "Still Drinking" and "Hot Hand in The Dice Game" have received airplay and internet play on several podcasts from Miami to Atlanta to Chicago to L.A.