Detroit, Michigan, USA

Modern Vintage at its best


At any hour of any given day there is a great probability that somewhere in the world- there is music being enjoyed that was originally written and produced in Detroit
These songs represent a body of popular music that has served as the virtual soundtrack for the lives of multiple generations of music fans .

The Secrets -Seasoned music scene veterans
( SRC -MC5- BackBeats- Singles- The Only Ones.
grew up in Detroit. They were exposed to- and heavily influenced by the sounds that helped define popular culture.

The Secrets carry on the tradition of creating -smart -catchy -fun pop songs .

Catch them Live -- Their performances are fantastic and


Best of Bomp Power Pop 2

Never Been Kissed CD Sept 2007

Step Back Look Ahead CD Jan 2008

IPO #12 2009 The Secrets Not Lame Records
IPO #13 2010 The Secrets Not Lame Records
IPO #14 2011 The Secrets Not Lame Records
IPO #15 2012 The Secrets Not Lame Records

Set List

The Secrets

Set List
Time To Say /Who Knows Better
Thinkin Of Ways
Talkin Bout Me
Tell Me Why
I’ll Always Love You
I Confess
It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This
She’s Coming Home
Tell A Little Lie
In The Hood