The Deuce And A Quarter

The Deuce And A Quarter


The Deuce & A Quarter = Rock, Electro Punk, Metal and 50's pop. Accompanied by an animated film show, The Deuce & A Quarter put on a dramatic, crowd pleasing rock show.


Drawing from the likes of Johnny Cash, Link Wray, Dick Dale, Slayer & even Black Flag hardcore, The Deuce And A Quarter is a four piece, fusing Metal and Electro Punk with a 50's vintage sound. The band is also known for incorporating film and animation to produce a visual live show.

Natives of the Big Apple, The Deuce And & Quarter played every venue from CBGBs, The Knitting Factory Main Space to Brooklyn's Trash, Bruar Falls, Galapagos and North Six clubs. The group's various releases received airplay at Barnard, SUNY Purchase, Cayuga College Auburn Radio stations.

Although nearly a decade previous the Deuce had originally formed and disbanded for artistic differences; founding member Paul Vickers (AKA Gringo) teamed up with Bassist Patrick Soriano in 2007 to reform the group with a fresh perspective; delivering the same hard hitting pop beats, albeit Vickers' cool 1960s guitars and rockabilly-esque vocals.

Joining the band is producer, blues-pianist Adam Chimera, gracing the music with overdriven keyboard and organs. On the drums, Jerry Rimesso's hot chops rival the likes of Mikkey Dee, Dave Lambardo and Peter Criss. Soriano, whose main influence is Geddy Lee, plays a dynamic Fender Jazz bass with massive overdrive presence.

Incorporating film and theatrics in their show, the band produces provocative animated films, projected on stage over the music which is both humorous and dark. Drawing inspiration from the underground and stag films of the 50s and 60s, The Deuce & A Quarter is a vastly appealing live experience that must be seen and heard to be believed.

Larry M Nelson
Manager/Creative Director
The Deuce And A Quarter
70 Million


Dirty 5 Song LP, Engine Records 2002
70 million Rats, Engine Records 2003
10 years Under The Knife, 2CD 1DVD box Set, Lazerseizure Records 2008
Burning Tire Fire EP 2008

Set List

30 - 45 minute set of mostly originals:

Absorbing The Head Of A Fly
The Legend Of Auto Jim
Whiskey Bottle And Shot Glass
Burning Tire Fire
The Amero
You Can't make Films In Hell
I Snorted My Father
Big Rig