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Posted by Dave
Rap News Network
5/3/2006 12:29:29 PM

Hip Hop veterans DEUCE MOB and Native American Hip Hop Artist and 2005 award winner SHADOWYZE are nominated for a 2006 NAMMY (Native American Music Award) for their song "BOOM BOOM".

BOOM BOOM with be released on the forthcoming Deuce Mob CD which is due out later this year. Deuce Mob has currently been receiving national airplay for their latest single "This Is The Way" which features Kid Frost and Rappin 4Tay, they are scheduled to hit the road in June on a 20 city promo tour to support the single and their new CD.

Voting is opened to the public @, the voting process takes less than 5 minutes, please support DEUCE MOB & SHADOWYZE vote today. - Rap News Network

It was 1991 when Deuce Mob, a Latino hip-hop group from northwest Denver, released their debut single, “I Got the Boom b/w El Varrio.” Although many young people at the time were into hip-hop and even performed it themselves, it was rare that a Denver hip-hop group would pool their resources together and put their music out on vinyl and tapes and sell it on the street. This is how Deuce Mob became legends on the Denver hip-hop scene.

Fast forward through the 90’s after a record deal with Thump Records, the launch of their record label Concrete Poetry and its subsequent releases, and the ousting of a group member (details can be heard in the new track “Bump This in Your Ride”), Deuce Mob is back with a new album and looking to make this project bigger than anything they’ve ever done before.

We caught up with Deuce Mob (DJ Fame & AWB) at the Radio Bums office during a listening party/session for their new album. Once all the hoopla died down, we cornered them to find out what they’ve been up to, when the album is coming out and what they think about the Denver hip-hop scene in 2005. They also gave us an early Christmas gift with their new mixtape, check it out here… mixed by DJ Chonz.

It’s been awhile since Denver heard from you guys, where have you been?

DJ Fame: Chillin’ man! We’ve been here. We had a lot of releases under the concrete poetry label, that’s our label. We had G-Som, we had Glocc 9, we had Mile High Underground Vol. 1, and we put a lot of that stuff out. We did concerts in between there, we brought Westside Connection and E-40 back in the day, we brought out Rick James, the last show he ever did. It was the show he had his stroke on.

AWB: We’ve also been getting our own businesses going, he’s got an exterior remodeling company, and I got a barbershop. So we’ve been doing that to staying on the grind trying to generate funds, to keep everything riding’ ya know.

How come it took so long to come out with another Deuce Mob album though?

DJ Fame: It’s been in the works for awhile, we chopped it up about doing it and we just finally said we might as well do it. There’s a lot of demand for it, when we put other stuff out, when we’d go out of town a lot of people would recognize, like ‘hey, DJ Fame from Deuce Mob, when are you going to put out another one?’ So it was just in the works and is coming out by popular demand to tell you the truth, and it just made me say, okay let’s do it.

So what do you guys think about the Denver hip-hop scene compared to when you first came out in the early 90’s?

AWB: Its exciting man, it’s exciting to see how things have progressed since we were doing back in 1991 on up. It’s exciting to see how people are taking it to another level all the way to the freestylers to battle rappers, the Fight Club was here during All-Star Weekend and they were ripping shop up there at Champs in Westminster Mall so it’s exciting to see how it’s progressed. It’s gone further than it could have gone back in those days.

I know the new album is done, when is it coming out?

DJ Fame: Right now we’re shopping it, we got a few interested labels, so if we’re going to take it to big national level, that’s where we want to be because you got to get the big machine behind to push it. Still, we might have to push it out here locally to generate interest, to let them know to that there’s some demand for it. If we do that we’re looking at spring time 2006.

AWB: And we got the love here too. The Radio Bums support us, Carmelo Anthony and his Crossover Entertainment; we got the love here to push us where we need to go.

Fame, are you doing most of the beats again for this joint?

DJ Fame: I’m doing most of the beats but we did one track, “Boom, Boom” with Happy Perez, who’s done beats for Frankie J, Natalie, he’s out there. He’s a platinum producer; you can’t take anything away from that. But besides that, I did all the tracks on this AWB does most of the writing, we have a lot of features, we got Devin The Dude, Chingo Bling, Numskull from The Luniz, Frost, Rappin’ 4-Tay, Dragon-E from G-Som, Lil Joker from Glocc 9, so we got a lot of cool stuff on there man.

Yeah, I saw that you had Frost on there, so you’re still cool with him then?

DJ Fame: Oh yeah, he helped us on our first album. I stayed with him for a few months at his house and worked on the first album and that’s where AWB really got involved too because we needed someone who could write some lyrics. We had to step it up, we had big money invested, with other people’s money, and we were the first cats signed out of this city. We just had to represent and step it up.

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1990 Deucemob I Got The Boom/Lookin Down The Front of A Barrel

1992 Quinta Sol Tequila / Intimidation

1994 Loco Mente Clique EP

1995 Deuce Mob Going Solo

1996 Arapahoe TRUES Money, Murder Thang,

1996 The Mile High Underground Vol.1 Compilation

1997 Gloc 9 Gix

1997 Loco Mente Clique Summertime Madness/Bag 2 Tha Paper

1997 Vamp Dogg Got to Keep It Real

1999 G.S.O.M Nocturnal

1999 Big Rat Money, Mackin’ & Murder

2000 Nyke Loc Mob Life
2000 Minority Compilation Tha Product

2002 Big Rat What you want?

2004 Mr.Lil Joker Premeditation

2006 DEUCE MOB Self titled



Guess Who’s Back?

After a few years in hiatus The Mob is back “Deuce Mob’ that is, the Latin Hip Hop veterans that placed the building blocks for the Midwest rap scene. This time the Mob returns with a new face, but the same chemistry that established them throughout the Latin Rap community as Hip Hop Pioneers (Lowrider Magazine 2000).

Dj Fame is still at the forefront commanding the Mob through the treacherous terrain that we call the music industry, trying to hit their mark and reestablish their place in the ever changing climate of the game. This time Fame has enlisted the talents of A.w.B (Average White Boy) writer and performed on several songs on the “Deuce Mob “Going Solo” release.

With A Dub as the lead rapper it has elevated us in the game, these guys are hungry and they can hold there own, they understands what it takes to make it in this game, the Mob have also joined forces with several other rap veterans Devin Tha Dude(Chronic 2001), Chingo Bling, Rappin’ 4 Tay, Kid Frost, Knumbskull and Yukmouth of the Luniz, and several other nationally recognized artists.

With Hip Hop popularity at an all time high and universal cross culture acceptance look forward to Deuce Mob doing big things in the near future.

Visit them at WWW.DEUCEMOB.COM