Marietta, Georgia, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Jay Stacs and Shawty Lee, known as D.E.U.C.E, is one duo group that turns heads and has everyone wondering, "who is that?!" Not only these guys are artists but both are producers and one is a engineer, creating that all-in-one package! Results: ONE creative sound and impact in the industry!


Jay Stacs and Shawty Lee (D.E.U.C.E.) are on the verge of being the next hottest artists on the scene. Not only both members are artists but they are also producers and one a engineer! These two have teamed up together late 2010 starting out just collaborating on producing skills. One day just out of curiosity the two made a song on their tracks and played it for a few people and got nothing but positive feedback. This lead the duo to be more versatile with their works and brought them to the light to being the talent and not just the background people. "We do it because we love it! We like the feeling of seeing people (fans) move and sing a long with us." As a result, D.E.U.C.E. was established.


Hit single(s) out across the internet includes; 'In My Cup' and 'Pogo Stick'.
Songs featurings include; 'Swavvy ft. Britney Nicole' and 'Im About ft. Young Dread'
Also, 'Catch Me ft. C4 of Paperwork'