Deuce One

Deuce One

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Sounds that are intrusive but euphonic. Midwest hip hop without the stick shoved up it's ass.


Deuce One (Jerrod Alan Mogan), born May 06, 1986, has been writing hip hop music since 1999, recording it since 2003, and producing it since 2005. Consumed with the drive to achieve high levels of success in the music industry, Deuce One rhymes with the passion and emotion that most modern hip hop music lacks. Armed with a smooth yet emphatic delivery, unique and original perspectives, head banging production (provided by himself and New York beatmaker Sylence), and hooks that are catchy without being annoying; Deuce One is the kind of entertainer that has true staying power. Influences in hip hop include 2pac, Nas, Eminem, Mos Def, Ice Cube, Canibus, Wu Tang, Aesop Rock, and others. Other influential figures range from comedians and writers to classical music composers. Deuce One appreciates anyone who takes the time to listen to his material.


"Born to Rap" 2007