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"Powerful performances at the second Hometown Showdown"

Deus Machina has excellent stage presence.....I see good things for this band. - Houston Chronicle

"Hometown Showdown Spotlights Houston Acts"

Jeremy Lee of Deus Machina:
Q. How did Deus Machina get its start?

A. I started Deus Machina as an attempt to pursue what I loved. I learned how to write and produce so that I could express myself. After a couple of years, I put together a band and now have the players I have always dreamed of.

Q. What was the first song you ever truly loved and why did you love it?

A. Thriller. I was obviously very young and don't list Michael Jackson as one of my influences, but that song and video were the first to get me really excited about music. Besides that I think Closer by Nine Inch Nails is by far one of the most complete, best songs I have ever heard.

Q. How was it opening for Wes Borland's new band, Black Light Burns earlier this month at Scout Bar?

A. Wes and his band were really nice and it is crazy how a crowd treats you differently when you play a national show. After watching those guys, I know that my band has the talent and potential to do well nationally; we just need the break.

Q. In keeping with the "showdown" theme, who would win in a fight: Trent Reznor or Satan himself?

A. In the good old days of Broken and Downward Spiral, Satan would have had nightmares about Trent Reznor. Since Reznor has gotten off of drugs he has been somewhat user friendly. - Houston Chronicle

"Deus Machina CD Review"

It's hard to believe that it's been nearly 20 years since Pretty Hate Machine. In the years since, many bands have capitalized on the trends that resulted from Nine Inch Nail's worldwide success. Houston's Deus Machina is obviously influenced by the other Man in Black, but doesn't rigidly conform to one particular genre. Instead, the band straddles the line between progressive rock and gothic industrial music.

"Syzygy," which gets Clear Channel airplay on Houston's 94.5FM "The Buzz," has an aggressive beat that builds in intensity similar to Filter's "Hey Man Nice Shot," but what sets Deus Machina's music apart from its obvious influences is the rawness of the tracks. Sure, these are demos, but they don't have that stereotypical sort of rawness. As writer, producer, and musician, Jeremy Lee--who, for all practical purposes, is Deus Machina (although he has a full band for live performances)--is able to control exactly how his songs end up. Should any rock music sound as polished as Trent Reznor's? Surely not.

The influences are hard to ignore, but lines like, "Cannot choose between two sides easily / Just might lose my faith, my soul, my integrity / But I don't want you to put me down in a hole again / Don't wanna see this place in my soul again / No, don't you suffocate me / No way out / Look at me in my eyes... I cannot and will not play this game that you need" show that Lee is unafraid to bare his soul to his audience. This honesty--which is missing from a lot of similar music today--adds to Deus Machina's allure.

"Demiurge" and "Intentional," the tracks that round out the three-song demo, also have their high points. At times, the former resembles late-90s nu-metal sans the hackneyed rapping, but Lee is smart enough to let the similarities end there. He drives the song into the same industrial-pop territory he does best with "Syzygy," and then ventures into darker territory with "Intentional," which is as aggressive and angry as any of his influence's songs ("You stripped me down and burned me alive / Stole my soul and tortured my mind / You left me with all your lies / So fuck you and all your lies").

What's best about Lee's songs lies in their complexity--Deus Machina's sound is not original but it hardly matters. What matters is that the songs are strong and that they practically demand repeated listens--a true sign of good songwriting. With new material in the works, an upcoming gig opening Bam Margera's Triple Threat Tour, and shows around Houston, Deus Machina should continue to garner attention, both locally and nationally. KTBZ has already nominated them for Houston's best industrial/progressive band, so it's only a matter of time before others catch on. - - David A. Cobb

"Deus Machina Radio Response"

"Syzygy received the best response of any song we have played on the Texas Buzz"

The Texas Buzz is a weekly rock show featuring Texas bands on Clearchannel's 94.5 The Buzz in Houston. - Zakk United


Deus Machina Demo - 03/04;
Syzygy - (Radio Play) Clearchannel's KTBZ The Buzz;
Intentional - (Radio Play) Clearchannel's KTBZ The Buzz;
Demiurge - (Radio Play) Clearchannel's KTBZ The Buzz;
Purge Her - (Single)



Driven by massive sounding arrangements and fierce vocals, Deus Machina delivers a powerful yet vulnerable sound that demands attention and engages the audience's emotions.

Deus Machina was started as solo project by Jeremy Lee. He started by writing, recording, playing, singing, and producing every aspect of the music himself. Motivated by the need to create, he sought out to write the best songs possible that could translate his feelings to specific fanbases and radio listeners alike. After completing numerous songs on his own, Jeremy brought in guitarist Christian Brown to help solidify his vision. Christian brought a unique style of guitar playing and a strong sense of melody which provided balance for Jeremy's vision and work ethic. Once enough material surfaced, Jeremy began purchasing equipment and assembling a band for live performance.

The live band is made up of Jeremy Lee, Nathan Lee, Christian Brown, and Abi Putra. Nathan is an extremely dedicated drummer that plays and writes with numerous instruments. Abi Putra excels on the stage and in the studio and his energy has been a key to the success of Deus Machina's live shows. Since their addition, Abi and Nathan have offered valuable insight and have been very helpful additions to the writing process. Once the band was complete, the songs were reconstructed for live shows. The band's success in this effort and their ability to transfer that energy live has helped solidify Jeremy and the band members confidence in the future of Deus Machina.

The track Syzygy has consistently received good reviews after airplay on Clear Channels 94.5 The Buzz in Houston. Dj Zakk United contacted Jeremy to inform him that Syzygy received the best response ever on Zakks weekly show, The Texas Buzz. This was important, because it was essential to write good enough songs that reflected Jeremy's state of mind and at the same time translated to the general public.
In addition to writing new material in their studio, Deus Machina has recently opened for national acts such as Black Light Burns, Fair to Midland, and Powerman 5000 . With a dedication to working tirelessly on new music and promoting themselves consistently and intelligently, Deus Machina is looking to make some big moves in the next year.