Deuxieme Take

Deuxieme Take


A fun and light-hearted family atmosphere…that’s what you get with Deuxieme Take and its traditional French-Canadian songs.


In our book, music is spelled A-l-l-a-r-d, and our lead singer Denise Allard proves
it! At a young age, Denise, along with her 11 siblings, was singing popular, religious
and traditional songs in French, in English and even in Frenglish ! Not only is Denise
the singer of Deuxieme Take, but she will often join her friend and our pianist Monique
Couture. Together, they perform as a duo, sing at the Saturday evening mass at the
Saint Boniface Cathedral, and belong to the popular and religious quartette N-essence.
Denise, with her contagious laughter, is a lot of fun!

Monique Couture is our pianist, clarinetist and back-up singer and one busy person!
She not only directs and accompanies the choir for the Saturday mass at the Saint
Boniface Cathedral, but she is also the youth ministry coordinator there and teaches
piano, clarinet and voice, to some 50 students, no less! Phew!

Our drummer is Brian Tesch. Francophones may have seen him in recent years playing
alongside Big G (Georges Couture). Brian has also applied his musical trade among
local circles in a number of styles : rockabilly, blues, rock, country. His subtle
playing adds a touch of rythmic finesse to Deuxieme Take. Merci, Brian!

Finally, Guy Ferraton is our harmonica player. Like Brian, Guy has also accompanied
Big G, with blues band Mercy Mercy, as well as in Les Vieux Loups. Guy has played
in a number of musical projects locally, as well as in Quebec and abroad.


Vive la compagnie (double cd set)

Set List

Deuxième Take plays French-Canadian folk music with a twist! This is served up by a swinging four-piece of vocals, piano, drums and harmonica. Our sets vary in length and repertoire, as we cater to a variety of audiences : from children to the elderly and everyone in between. In one memorable performance, the audience included a boy not quite 3 years old and a great-grand-mother almost 85. Our repertoire focuses on timeless French-Canadian traditional classics such as A la claire fontaine, Alouette, Valderi valdera, and many other - mostly upbeat- gems of French-Canadian culture and joie de vivre.

Vive la compagnie!