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Written By: Devah Fontana


Every time we both decide that it's a good idea we part
Tell me why that's the time the real intensity starts
And in the meantime when I try to justify you in my life
I might as well try to find the reason why the sun is in the sky

Darling, I realize it's a waste of time thinking it's over
Because instead of just saying goodbye
we get closer, we just get closer

Just when we are finally ready to forever sever
That's when we get back together and it gets so much better
And when I try to find another lover who's my type
compared to you none of them will suffice

Honey, you drive me completely mad but without you I'm so sad
It's either incredible or incredibly bad, and then
we get closer, closer and closer

This relationship is so strange, it's got my head rearranged
I need some space and I feel deranged
and I'm so ready to throw it all away, and then
we get closer, we just get closer

Baby, if this is love then we are out of luck, sometimes it feels more like we're stuck
Is it a love affliction or a chemical addiction, oh what a contradiction

I give up, nothing left to say, let's just take it day to day
The next time we break up let's plan to make up
and get closer, 'cause it's not over

And when you say I don't want to see you anymore well I know what's in store
and when I tell you to go away you know I really wish you'd stay

Closer and closer, yes