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If you could combine the venerable musical talents of Prince, Usher, Babyface, The Neptunes, and Stevie Wonder all in one market-appealing package, what would it be? He would be singer, songwriter, producer, and musician Devante. Remarkably talented, and unquestionably marketable.


Destiny - What comes to mind when you hear that word? For R&B Recording Artist Devante, it’s music. From the time he was a child, Devante has always felt that his one sole purpose on this earth was to be involved in music. From a very young age he exhibited prodigious musical talent, eventually evolving to a definitive point of separation from his fellow musical counterparts.

So what exactly is it that separates him from the rest of the musical world? How about one of the longest lists of creative hats in the urban music industry: Singer, songwriter, composer, musician, arranger, producer, rapper, C.E.O. and engineer. What this translates to, is the fact that there is absolutely no one involved in the creative process of his work whatsoever other than the man himself - None. No session musicians, no producers paid under the table to produce, no backup vocalists, no songwriters, no ghostwriters, no engineers – (not even mastering engineers, which is unheard of) – The whole experience is a very unique one that will surely take his listeners on one very intriguing musical ride.

Before you begin to think even for a moment that he’s another R&B gimmick pushed out by the major label machine, think again. Every one of the 29 songs on each of the 2 discs that is ‘The Definition / The Foundation’ was recorded in his studio and written in his own words by channeling emotions or experiences throughout his life. No fluff, no gimmicks, no made up, mawkish love pop.

So, how does the 22 year old channel all of this grown folks love music? “It’s a natural thing,” he answers in his natural, smooth baritone voice. “I’ve always had what people have referred to as an old soul, and I’m not on none of this clubbin’, thuggin’, trying to mack your girl type stuff. I’m writing songs for people who love love, or are in it. It’s all about love, life and relationships.” And of course there are songs for the clubs on the collection of songs contained, like “Ryda (R.O.D.C)” which tells of how it feels for a man to have that one woman who’s down for anything and who’ll stick through it all. Or the reggaeton infused R&B jump off “Dance With Me.” But for the most part, Devanté sticks to his roots on the collection – slow jams and sentimental R&B music with thought inspired and thought provoking lyrics. What more should you expect from a musical prodigy who plays 8 instruments and does everything himself? How about one of the best R&B albums of all time. “That was my ultimate goal for releasing ‘The Definition / The Foundation,’ because most of these artists today don’t even write their own material. It’s conveyor belt music. They call up somebody, have them write the lyrics, they write it because they’re paid to do it, and bam, it’s done. Not so with me. Everything’s real because it came from me. I don’t cut corners.” And that he does not do. With 29 songs, spanning 2 discs and covering virtually all styles of R&B music, from neo-soul, to sow jams, to ballads, to reggaeton, to hip-hop club hits, it is all here in this definitive and foundational collection that is : ‘The definition / Foundation.’

“I’m going to raise the bar, now, I have to. All these other R&B guys will have to follow suit at this point and stand up and stop making mediocre, mindless R&B music. Sure, you’ve got cats out there who really mean it and are sincere about what they do, but that’s a very small portion of my fellow R&B colleagues. Most don’t touch a thing.”