Devastation Device

Devastation Device

 London, Kentucky, USA

Like the bastard child of Slayer and Lamb of God, with a raw and uncompromising delivery.


Combining old-school thrash riffs with New Wave of American Metal overtones, Devastation Device deliver a raw and unrelenting style that has been the driving force behind the band since they formed in late September 2008. Although the band is relatively new on the scene, they have accomplished more in their short time together than most bands do in several years. After only 7 months together the band was featured on the last issue of METAL EDGE MAGAZINE’S Compilation CD accompanied by a short bio inside the magazine, and just recently signed a deal with independent record label TURKEY VULTURE RECORDS in summer of 2009. Their music is an audible onslaught of crushing riffs, catchy choruses, and a good amount of headbanging brutality. Fueled by the small town seclusion of London, Kentucky, the band has been pushing like hell to be heard across the Southeast and are tearing their way through the bible belt like a militant plague. With a no b.s. approach and relentless attitude, their only goal is to bring real metal back to the front-lines and leave the trends crippled in their wake. If you don’t want to be cut down… then get out of the way, because the Devastation Device is coming through CRUSHING! ...



Written By: Jared Harris

Welcome to our last chapter
Prepare for one more death rattle
Unsatisfied by the shade given
Walking around so non-existing
As we struggle to remember

Take your time the end is getting louder
Watch the bloodshed over and over again
In our final hour

You think it will never happen to you
The end justifies the means in a steady tune
Shock and absorb break and scatter organize and re-assemble
Divide your mind don’t bother putting it back together

Make a choice take it six steps further
Choose from one or another

Stand in line shoulder to shoulder tonight
Sterilize cut out the deadwood
Start again for the greater good
Realize kill them all if we only could


Written By: Jared Harris

Just a little taste of something new for you to do
Being your last choice
Indulge through flesh taste once again
The beautiful rattle in your voice

The sweet wrath in harmony no one can hear you scream
Take a look and pray for your death
losing eyesight in this shattered view
You deserve a little rest

One more evening beyond control
Kill the lights we cant be seen
Scream without speaking
Tell me all about your next to last dream

It seems as though there’s somewhat of a disaster
Inside our heads
To busy being numb when will the self destruction end?

Self destruct me
One more evening


Written By: Jared Harris

This poison layers my throat
Coughing up this constant ignorance you spoke

Inside a slow decay

Cant see past your smoke
Such an insignificant way for us to choke

Don’t make the mistake of turning your back on time
Tonight will expose the lies
Never wrong never to blame
Always Wrong always the same

Unknown series of primary consequence
Will take the shape before you even notice


"Nuclear Dawn" Demo EP (self released 2009)

"Devastation Device" (self titled track featured on Metal Edge Magazines April 2009 CD compilation disc.)

"Nation Of Extinction" Full-Length debut (Turkey Vulture Records 2011.)

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