Dev Electric

Dev Electric

 Houston, Texas, USA

"Without a doubt, an awesome performance of pure rock and roll energy."


"Some people will argue that rock is dead…we're trying to combat that." The boys in Dev Electric are armed with big riffs, big vocals, and rock swagger. Fusing modern rock with old-school classic rock, Dev Electric delivers a familiar sound with a fresh edge.
On their self titled record, “Dev Electric [has] released a debut CD that, when listened to, makes you stand up and take notice of this Texas band and realize they are not at all like any other band you have heard. They are better!” (Muen Magazine)

Dev Electric is “bursting onto the scene armed with songs that are familiar as well as catchy" ( Dev Electric has been gaining momentum, first with the release of their self-titled debut album and continuing with signing to Artist International Management (booking agency).

Dev Electric has recently returned from two tours, the HARD DRIVE LIVE 2011 TOUR with national act SALIVA, and most recently a tour with SICK PUPPIES.

The Band also landed their newest single THANK GOD FOR GIRLS on HDNET's cable television series GIRL'S GONE WILD'S "SEARCH FOR THE HOTTEST GIRL IN AMERICA".

Awards: Best Rock Band – 2010 – 94.5 The Texas Buzz Awards

With this and more in store, Dev Electric is surely on their way, growing and captivating vast audiences quickly.



Written By: Dev Electric

You wake up and take it in
Another day, another mess worth your money spent
Suck it up! You got a job to do!
All the drugs, all the pills, or all the sex to pay the bills
There’s no end to this hurt
Now you’re dying for a cure

Suck it down, suck it down
Suck it down, suck it down
Spit it out!

Please be my killer, my pain, pain killer
Will you be willing to take me alive?
Please be my killer, my pain, pain killer
Don’t wanna live, not ready to die

So what if I could take the needle out your arm and give you peace of mind?
Would it make you a believer?
You can bend, never break
You gotta learn to stand up straight
If you don’t know who you are,
When you fall, you’ll fall hard!

Right now is the time, so are you ready to?
Right now is the time, so are you ready? Yeah!
No! You gotta come to your senses
No! Gotta tear down the fences
Just know, that you’ll never be left on your own

Red, Red Carpet

Written By: Dev Electric

Ladies and gentlemen
Can you please direct your attention over here?
Roll out the red carpet and get those cameras rolling
Cause you sure don’t wanna miss this!

Everybody can tell by the clothes you wear
It takes 24 hours to style that hair
Put on your makeup and fake that smile
Because the cameras will be rolling in a little while
And you know, in the spotlight you will glow
So what are you waiting for?
The time has come, you gotta give em all a show

I got your story, here’s the headline:

You got it bad! On that red, red carpet. Red, red carpet
Yeah! Darling you’re too good for chasing dreams I know
When its handed all to you, you got it bad!

You wear a skirt way up where it should be
So all the people enjoy the scenery
Too many photos of you exposed
Is making everybody rich when you hold a pose
You’re sick, you have got to call it quits, you are so dependent
You’re time is up, now its time to close the show

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Written By: Dev Electric

I’m a man on a mission, headed down a one way track
Haven’t got a thing to lose when everybody I know
Has turned their back
So I know I’m alone here, fighting for the D.E.V.
Now I’m stuck, I don’t know who to trust
And everybody wants some from me

So if you try to steal my pride
I’ll hang you out to dry

Never in a million years, will I ever give in
So put your money where your mouth is
Never in a million years, will I let you win
So put your money where your mouth is

If its money over friendship, you’d be a very rich man
I got a bone to pick, but I don’t think you would understand
Cause you use, and abuse and you make your threats
To fill your pleasure
I won’t wait in line cause I’m gonna get what’s mine

My name? My name? You don’t even know my name

Thank God For Girls

Written By: Dev Electric

To everybody all around the world, let me hear you say, “Thank God For Girls!”

Come on a trip to drive me wild
With your red high heels and your dirty smile
Looking so sweet from your head to your toes
We’ll make love in the back with the top down, here we go

You’re such a naughty girl (Let me hear you say)

Thank God For Girls
Welcome to the good life, you can have it all
Thank God For Girls
Cruzin’ for a good time
I know you like it, oh, I know you like it
Looking so high class while you’re shakin’ your ass
And everybody wants a piece of that
Thank God For Girls

We’re gonna roll to sunset strip
Where the girls cut deep with their fingertips
Honey, you’re so bad with looks that kill
You’ll go down at the drop of a hat, and I know you will
Center stage with the spotlight burning

She’s got a tendency to love and leave
I may be crazy I’m just living the dream
Oh, when the lights go out, I’ll hear you scream and shout
Now the walls are shaking

Woah, welcome to the good life (where you can have it all baby)
Woah, cruzin’ for a good time, I know you like it, yeah I know you like it


Self titled CD - 2009

Set List

Up to an hour and a half set list - all original music