Dev Electric

Dev Electric

 Houston, Texas, USA


"Some people will argue that rock is deadÂ…we're trying to combat that." The boys in Dev Electric are on a mission. Armed with big riffs, big vocals, and rock swagger, these rock 'n' roll soldiers are ready for battle. Fusing modern rock and old school classic rock with a southern feel Dev Electric delivers a familiar sound with a fresh edge. On their new release Dev Electric showcases a wide range of songs that run from heartfelt acoustic ballads to blistering rockers. Each song has its own identity, but the Dev Electric sound ties it all together creating an impressive debut outing from this brand new rock band. With their recent signing to Silver Tongue Management (John Gomez/John Moyer of Disturbed), Dev Electric is ready to show the world that the snarling beast of rock 'n' roll is alive and well and ready to rock. Dev Electric has been gaining momentum, first with the release of their self-titled debut album, continuing when they signed with Dirtbag/ Warner Bros Records, Silver Tongue Management (co-managed by John Moyer of Disturbed and John Gomez) and Artist International Management (booking agency). The growing Texas fan base has shown that the band is "bursting...on the scene armed with a new cd loaded with songs that are familiar as well as catchy" says Rhonda Meredith of, and this is even as we have already begun working on another album. Dev Electric just returned from two tours first with national act Saliva and most recently with Sick Puppies. The Band has also recently landed their newest single T.G.F.G (THANK GOD FOR GIRLS) on HDNET's cable television series GIRL'S GONE WILD'S "SEARCH FOR THE HOTTEST GIRL IN AMERICA". With this and more in store, Dev Electric is surely on their way, growing and captivating vast audiences quickly.


*Self titled "Dev Electric" record debut 2010