An electric/pop sound thatstands aside mainstream top 40 pop and electro.


Our music is something that were learning as we go along. Chris and I met a little over a year ago and just recently finished our first track as of 10/08. I positive more great things will be on the way.



Written By: Christopher Arnone

Just Peel your faces back,
Lemme see what your true colors are.

You know you got but your game,
it slips back into the stars.

You feel it pushing for so long don't
let your dreams fade away.

You live and die you gotta try, you gotta do it today, everyday.

The world will always change but the game will always remain the same.

You gotta Develop/Mental your state of mind.

I cannot do it these actions don't compute in your brain.

I think I can, I know I can but things still remain the same.


Just give it some time, give it some space, let me take it today.

Bring the new day where they can try, but won't make it that way.




Set List

As long as we want them to be and whatever tracks we choose