Oddly Explosive!


From Jacksonville, Florida hails a refreshing new sound in progressive alternative rock. Devereux combines the essence of Pink Floyd with the modern driving rock of bands such as Alice In Chains and Tool to create an exciting and dramatic sound that transcends the traditional power trio. Devereux’s music is a narration of twisted oddities and psychotic dreams that is best described as the musical companion to Salvador Dali.

Devereux was conceived by eclectic musicians Adam Latiff (Dizzi Devereux), Eric Dietz and Terry Brown. The band is currently finishing a self-produced full length album, entitled “Paranormal”, and is booking shows for the fall of 2007 to promote their efforts. Devereux has played with notable national acts such as Candlebox, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, Trapt, Finger 11, Stuck Mojo, and The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, as well as the very best regional bands the Southeast has to offer.



Written By: Adam Latiff/Devereux

That you’ll never know,
How I go away
In the midst of silence.

That you’ll never know,
How I go away
in the wake of violence.

That you stare at me with silence.
Your driving me into all your wake of violence.
And how does it feel so good,
When you always hide it.
This time I feel so low,
And I can’t stop.

You prove me right..

And its all mine,
Set all your demons down.
Lay them neatly on thin thread.

So pay no mind.
‘Cause soon the walls all come..
Crashing down!


Written By: Adam Latiff/Devereux

You move inside,
You’re sick, when you smile.
And here, its been born.
And soon you’ll feel the curse.

We all noticed you,
It was time you start you lie.
We all noticed you.
Its all right, all right.

You’re numb,
Shoot me up,
You’re numb.

Cursed inside,
You’re sick, when you smile,
And soon, you’ll fell the curse,
And its too late to turn.

You’re numb..
Shoot me up..
You’re numb.


"Devereux" 2004

Devereux "Planetfest" EP 2007

"Paranormal" pending release Jan. 2008

"Adventures In Suicide" pending release spring 2008

Set List

Over 40 original songs.

Typical sets are 45 minutes to one hour, with the ability to play up to two hours.