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The best kept secret in music




The lyrics seem at first to be an appealing love song, but turn into a highly disturbed threat. Great scary composition. This is a well- produced studio number, orchestrations including quirky synth and percussion are absolutely top-notch!
- Film_Director (Portland, OR)

I like the eerie feel to this, reminds of the band Japan at times. The melody in the verse reminded me of the band called Dubstar. It's like 80's pop with rocky drums and heavy guitars, quite a good mix. Love the keyboard chorus sounds.
- adamtime (Stockport, Cheshire UK)

Cool rocking song! I can't get away from the old clich├ę, "This song rocks!" My head was banging. The performance came across solid. The main guitar riff is very cool. An exceptional original song.
- dave_welch (Johnson City, NY)

I love this song. The mood is unnerving. Chick is rock. Sounds like Blondie.
- jonnyhunter (Summit County, CO)

Grabs you right from the top and doesn't let you go. I think I'm in trouble...
- wateryhands (Los Angeles, CA)

The chorus is haunting, definitely gives me some chills.
- cartlemmy (Hesparia, CA)

Retro synth alterna-rock, tres cool. The vocal attack of the singer reminds me a little of the B-52's. This band definitely has their own unique sound.
- MarkHenning (Stockbridge, MI)

Eerie melody, kinda haunting. The vocalist reminds me of Stevie Nicks.
- State_of_Mind (Scranton, PA)

I dig the vocals and I like the mood. This song is pretty catchy, kind of reminds me of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
- TheBending (Henderson, NV)

Great and how! The female vocals remind me of Bjork. The song is very catchy and melodic.
- punk_hardcode92 (Dundee, MI)

A little Blondie in the vocal melody. Processing is cool. Eerie overall tone, very effective. The breakdown with the operatior is cool.
- jimirezin (Houston, TX)

Immediately struck me as a mix between shoegazer (Jesus and Mary Chain) and Gothic chick music (Switchblade Symphony).
- mutewaves (Holbrook, NY)


I love the sound you are going for! The vocals are creepy as hell but great. I love this song! The music is very tight and seductive. Great lyrics. Very sexy. A Goth bar hit for sure!
- dwalker127 (Kalamazoo, MI)

Scary, evil, but kick ass! Woman's moans are a nice touch. I imagine demons walking around everywhere. Very eerie feeling to it. Guitar solo is cool, sounds like it's off in the distance (a nice touch). I love it!
- SirBrando (Hutchinson, KS)

Interesting! Very dark and twisted sounds. Would make a great vamp movie soundtrack
- cosmicsteve (Southampton, Hampshire, UK)

The intro to this song is great, as are the vocals and the drums. The lyrics are pretty sexy. It was awesome. You sound like Garbage.
- Superego83 (Newark, CA)

Kind of a cross between Nina Hagen, Siouxie and the Banshees, and maybe old PJ Harvey? Witchy whispering and punchy guitars. I like the guitar effect in the bridge.
- girlheadhunter (Washington, DC)

Ambient intro, with nice porno noises and beat. Sounds very Goth inspired. The vocals fit the dramatic tone of the song well. Very ominous sounding song, sets a definite mood. I can picture this being a club favorite. I like the guitar tone in the bridge. An overall cool cult-like following song.
- MunkyGrunt (Stoneham, MA)

Nice haunting sound mix of Pink Floyd and White Zombie.
- 2_Bit_Jive (Middletown, NY)

Devil's heartbeat: I've never been to hell, but I think this might be as close as I've been. (Don't take that they wrong way. It was interesting.)
- spiroars (Ravensdale, WA)

Serious drum action here with a house feel. Some dancing to this. Orgasm alert for all the kids. Sounds like Courtney Love got out of court long enough to stop by. Shredding lead!
- apshoestring (Brooklyn, NY)

Big names from yesteryear keep popping up in my mind. Sounds like Nitzer Ebb met Lydia Lunch, or Einst├╝rzende Neubauten meets Nina Hagen with too many angst ridden words. It's not the sound, as much, rather the creative atmosphere relayed by the track. You know, when creativity was fun. Remember those days?
- PushCan (Hki, Ulusimaa, Finland)

It's always cool to hear a woman sing with conviction about her desires, and sex noises don't hurt either. I'd say you sound like Marilyn Manson, but I'm afraid you'd take that as an insult. Don't.
- InAMirror (Perth Amboy, NJ)

Wouldn't be out of place in a porn film. I can see myself in a Goth club, licking blood off leather-clad nymphos. It's certainly worth a crack.
- wheresmebox (Wembdon, Somerset, UK)

Public Image Ltd. meets Bauhaus with female vocals! Experimental guitar like Daniel Ash (Bauhaus) and the vocals remind me a bit of John Lydon (Public Image Ltd.) on the Flowers of Romance album. Sounds new not borrowed, and I wouldn't mind hearing more.
- Choesitect (Burk's Falls, Ontario, Canada)

Reminds me of Blondie somewhat. I like the groove of the song.
- TemporalBand (Norman, OK)

An Industrial Sex Jam! It's got a Siouxie and the Banshees and Thrill Kill Kult thing going on. The music seems to have that sound that you hear in the movies when they go to the titillating club where all the colorful bad people hang out. You could tell me this was from one of the Crow movie soundtracks and I wouldn't question it.
- dmdstrhalo (Watkinsville, GA)

Sounds like a flavor of Nine Inch Nails. Set a hectic mood, very cool. Spookey but awesome.
- peppadoc (Woods Cross, UT)


On the dance floor I'd probably go crazy bouncing around like there's no tomorrow. I really like this one because there is rage all over the place!
- Doni64 (Bronx, NY)

Awesome energy! Is this Miss Kitten? Well it's better if it isn't. Great arrangement and I like how the voice is enmeshed with the rest of the song. Nice high note. Guitar work has that at the beach feel, with lots of wind behind it. I love this song, period. I'm not easy to please. It's just fantastic.
- dbangg (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

Definitely a track you can dance to in a club. The vocals have an eerie chill to them.
- deceptikahn (Belle Fourche, SD)

Great beat and temp. The song gives me a spooky feeling at times as it progresses. The female voice is captivating and holds interest. It's time to get dressed and hit the dance floor!
- cyber1369 (San Diego, CA)

The beat is something I could see me and my friend getting down to at the clubs. I love the sound effects that go back and forth throughout the song. The lyrics are way cool. Overall this is something that would get me up and moving to the dance floor in a minute.
- icechalkhands (Knoxville, TN)

From the first beat this song was right up in your ear. Just enough energy to get your attention, then kept the energetic vibe and stayed in your head. Plenty of electric guitar sounds for the heavy metal heads.
- AmariM (Atlanta, GA)

This song is capable of invading people's heads. I dig the guitar riffs behind the bouncing beats and spacy accompaniment.
- NnyTHM13 (Orange County, CA)

I'm not a big dance fan, but this instantly drew me in. Nice work on the vocals, nice to hear the effects changing throughout, and I like the distortion. The distant guitar was good and added a sense of uniqueness to it.
- LuKeNuKuM (Southampton, Hampshire UK)


I expected a punk male singer and then...a woman! HELL YEAH! You give this a vibe that any man could not ever bring to the table! I love all the elements of busy rock that you have mixed with metal, like the double bass with the less distorted guitars. Thanks for not drowing the vocals out because, girl, you're a diamond and they are forever! We'll definitely hear this on the radio soon!
- bizarre_Sherman (Fayetteville, AR)

Cool production sound, with megaphone EQ effect vocals reminiscent of Elastica, and a nice chanty chorus with power chords. I like the semi electronic drumbeat. Nice work, 4 stars.
- RadiocureA (Somerville, MA)

Very nice guitar work, I can tell the guitarist cares a great deal about his/her craft. The rhythm section is a damned powerhouse. I want to get into my car, put the top down, put the volume up to 11 and challenge someone to race. Good work!
- rafil (Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia)

An anarchic, surreal female-fronted rock-n-roll based theme around a toe-tapping, evil little groove! Mental vocals, sounding at times like a psychotic x-ray specs, or a space-age Joan Jet on really nasty drugs. I love those guitar stabs, short, punchy, brash hysterical and FUN. Yeah, pretty cool! Bags of energy, the arrangement is short and sweet, lean and perfect.
- thee (Nottingham, UK)

This sounds like an old Missing Persons song. It's really rare to find cool band like this. The female vocals are pure and true to an 80's new wave thing, but it transcends into modern day groove. The drums are really tight and hold up well with the relentless and addictive guitar riff. Great job!
- JOHNKARMA (Sound Beach, NY)



Vicious (Tension Records, 2005)


Feeling a bit camera shy


You won't hear them on the radio stations that feature endless Blink 182 clones. But an exciting motion picture psycho-thriller inspired by and based on their debut album will be released this October. And all along, they've been quietly building an underground following. While Deviance Down might just be one of the best-kept secrets in the Indie-Goth/Modern Rock underground, all of that is about to change!

"Vicious" isn't the kind of album that features one good song among a remaining disc full of "suck". If you're looking for an album where every song sounds identical or sticks to a consistent genre, check your local Best Buy for racks full of it. Instead, "Vicious" leads you through an ever-changing and often cinematic experience.

The female-fronted trio's tome offers hints of bizarre and varied influences: the distorted vocals of Curve, the house beat and foreign clips of European techno, the classic Blondie and Beastie Boys punk sounds, the Pink Floyd styled vocals complete with "Careful With That Axe Eugene" reminiscent screams, the cinematic strings of Bond films' John Barry, and the frighteningly eerie synth atmospheres of Wendy Carlos' orchestration for "The Shining". No, this is not your typical "same old" indie rock band.

Deviance Down is the kind of indie band that you keep secret like a favorite vacation spot. Let your friends listen to boring "open mic night" acoustics and post-pubescent college boys screaming about their "oh so difficult lives" in upper class suburbia. Deviance Down remembers why people used to buy albums, the kind you listened to from start to finish over and over again. Or the roots of Alternative, when you found all the really cool bands that no one else knew about because they were still listening to corporate controlled stations.

Admittedly, they aren't for everyone. And that's pretty much by design.

Lucky are the fortunate ones who get it.