Deviant Remorse

Deviant Remorse


We are a professional ,aggressive ,metal ,groove oriented band, with an outstanding live show with an old school, yet modern sound.


Deviant Remorse is Davis, Josh, Romeo and Jesse. The combination of the four musical talents have come together to create a collage of grooves and styles to satisfy all music fans. Deviant Remorse is a newly formed band in 2008, but make no mistake they are here to set the standard for live performances. With their in your face, no bullshit performance. Josh will entrance you with his attack of insane bass riffs. Romeo will satisfy all you metal heads with his grooves from start to finish, with his signature guitar style. Jesse will draw you in with his passion and power on the drums. Davis will annihilate any preconceived notions that you may have of what a front man should be, with his domination of the stage. Southern California is where Deviant Remorse calls home. Deviant Remorse has definite plans to take there music to the surrounding states in the near future. DR


Deviant Remorse self-titled demo

Set List

1.Lying Eyes
2.Deviant Remorse
3.Bathe in Blood
4.Hell On Earth
1.Seek and Destroy(Metallica)
2.N.I.B(Black Sabbath)