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Deviants of Reality

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The best kept secret in music


"Classic Style Hip Hop"

This is my style of hip hop-classic style hip hop with thought provoking lyrics and pumping beats.These guys remind me of the old school of hip hop.Smooth vybes with outkast clever lyrics.the Deviants take me back to a time when when lyrics were paramount.The Deviants of Reality are definetly hip hop chic-hopefully they will break into the U.S. mainstream and become a household name. - CMJ Journal 2004

"Hip Hop At Its Finest"

Hip hoppers Deviants of Reality indeed do just that on their full-length debut, The Art Of Mind Travel: deviate from the tepid majority that constitutes hip hop today. Thick, propulsive beats and rhyme styles that charm, tickle and stimulate converge around original and catchy hooks.

This is hip hop at its finest: built to move your mind while shaking that ass. New Jersey-based but transplanted from Georgia and South Carolina, DJ Alex J and Udig The Mental lay down fourteen tracks that echo the sticky crunk of the South, the musicality of Philly and the verbal dexterity of the Native Tongues posse. Each song is just that: a song. Which is easy to understand given the high proficiency exhibited by all the session musicians (the Hypnotics) hailing from the City of Brotherly Love, and the lovely vocals layered by Robin Hyson and Marlena.

Here's hoping that we all get an opportunity to witness them translate the gems etched onto wax into a live setting near you, for the Deviants of Reality remind us that mind travel can indeed be an art, when the sonic elixir is not too harsh, nor too soft, but just right.

- Village Voice(NY) 2004

""A True Hip Hop Classic""

Cy-Fair Reporter-Album Review
Deviants of Reality/Love,Sex,and Situation 2006

As the Deviants of Reality's cd "Love, Sex, and Situation" begins a smooth jazz beat plays softly in the background as the deep voice of a fake radio dj played by DJ Alex J welcomes you to the Late Night Love Line, a skit which will continue you through the album without ruining it's integrity.
The first song, Mystikal, opens with a wonderfully smooth beat that should have flashbacks of The Roots and A Tribe Called Quest playing through your head almost immediately. It is a fun song which is based on the issue of women who just won't make up their mind about relationships. A smooth R&B voice croons "You're so mystikal, here we go, vertigo." Alex J opens up the 1st verse by asking "Girlfriend so what's the situation, are you for real, are you just playin? Everytime we split we get back together again, I thought you said that you just wanted to be friends." The next verse finds D.O.R.'s other half, Udig summarizing the song by saying that the girl is "Hurricane Anita, I hate her but i need her"
As the song ends, the R&B singer is asking playfully "What's up what's up with us?" If you're looking for a great song to just lay back and relax to, this is the one.
"Summertime" is just an absolutely great joint, a slowed down salsa groove, a high pitched female voice singing "Summertiiiiiiiiime," and Alex joining in with "It goes down in the summer, it goes down son, it goes down."
"Raise It Up" has the biggest old-school feel on the album. It invites the listener to throw his/her hands up and "Raise it up, we gonna raise it up, we wanna raise you up, we gonna push it push it." On the song Deviants of Reality "Thank the Lord for Outkast and The Roots. "Perfect World" finds a familliar crooner singing "Sometimes i wish i could go back in time, and relive my life...In a perfect world i could change all that's wrong with my life," which is something i think we all wish we could do from time to time. UDig rhymes about frustration in tryng to find the right girl, "It's really hard to find a girl that relates like matching license plates, on the first date, but sorry it was my mistake...."
"I Get Down Like That" is the closest thing to a club record on the disc. While a full non-club record would have been good, variety makes it great. The Deviants ride a Middle Eastern beat all the way through the song for some body-shaking fun.
"Let It Go" is just an absolute perfect song to end an album with. Using what is probably the greatest jazz-flute sample I've ever heard, Alex and UDig give you great lyrics and an amazing beat you can just absolutely, 100% chill to. By the end of the song you'll be singing along too, "We let it go son, we let it go..."

Some artists hire great producers, but can't match up their poor lyrics with the all-star beats (e.g. 50 Cent, Lil Jon), others flop because they think lyrics alone can carry them (e.g. Grafh, Canibus), but the duo, Deviants of Reality, out of Red Bank, New Jersey do not disappoint you on either side of the spectrum. Their superb abillity with words is matched beautifully with the beats provided by rapper/producer DJ Alex J.
I have not heard such mastery of music in years. Just when i thought hip-hop was drowning in club albums focused on sex, drugs and violence, the Deviants of Reality tossed it a rope and pulled it out of the quicksand. It feels like a second-coming of A Tribe Called Quest, The Roots, or De La Soul, but it's not, this group, though similar sounding, have their own unique vibe.
A true hip-hop classic in every sense of the phrase, it is an album your ears will thank you for allowing them to hear. mark my words, this is 2006's album of the year!
--Sama'an Ashrawi, Cy-Fair Reporter

- Cy-Fair Reporter/Tx Publication 2006


Deviants of Reality-The Art of Mind Travel-ZYX Muzic/Germany


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Feeling a bit camera shy


Deviants Of Reality is a Hip Hop group based out of Red Bank, N.J (the home town of movie Director Kevin Smith- Clerks, Jay and Silent Bob). Their Debut album "The Art of Mind Travel" was released and distributed by ZYX Music in Europe during the Spring of 2004 and has sold over 8000 copies to date. Their CD "The Art of Mind Travel" is one of CD Baby's Best Selling Hip Hop CDs (in the vein of Kanye West, Black Eye Peas, Mos Def). They also were featured on the iTunes mixtape Vol.2 and Vol.3 along side De La Soul and Jean Grae.
"This is my style of hip hop-classic style hip hop with thought provoking lyrics and pumping beats. These guys remind me of the old school of hip hop. Smooth vybes with Outkast clever lyrics" (CMJ NEW MUSIC JOUNRNAL).
The group has performed all over the north east opening for such major label acts like the Roots, G-Love and the Special Sauce, and Slum Village. Their new album entitled "Love, Sex, and Situations" will be released in the USA in 2006. Capcom has already licensed several songs from the album for the video game "Final Fight Streetwise".MTV has also licensed "Deviant" instrumentals for the shows "Yo Mama" and "Wild n Out with Nick Cannon". The group has been described as a throwback to the golden era of hip hop. Contact and media downloads are available at group's Producer and brainchild,DJ Alex J.( released several Dj mix Cd's in Europe and has several DJ residencies in Germany and Amsterdam. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO FOR "MYSTIKAL" on