We are a great live band we sound just like our c.d.Our band is a family its the only thing we have or that we will ever need. We are more driven then anyone else and we want to make it. We will be the hardest working and the most easy going band you have ever seen.


Deviate is a four piece rock/punk group from Olympia Washington.We banded together in late 2004 and have been playing together ever since. we are a strong and very goal oriented band with high hopes of accomplishing our mutual dreams of professionalism in the music industry.Our sound ranges from calm delicate numbers to hard hitting blasts of oh so killer rock and roll.Our music interest vary from pop, punk, rock to heavy metal.Metallica,Madonna,Rush,Led Zeppelin,Mega Death and Sublime are just a few of our many great influences.Unlike most bands we are not about the fame and fortune we are about inspiring others. We want to inspire change and not just in the music industry but in the world. As a band we hope to make a difference in our own community even if its just a small change.We are currently trying to set up a west coast tour to raise money for the make a wish foundation.Make a wish foundation provides children with their last wish before they pass on into the next world.We hope that more bands famous or not will find their will to help others it only takes one person to change the world.Music to us is universal its a way to communicate peace and a way to inspire hope for those that have none.We will Follow the music to where ever it may lead.So watch out world we have big plans for change. Deviate


We have not yet released our EP. We are in the process of mixing and mastering our c.d. We hope to have it finished by April.

Set List

Our set lists consist of all our original music .
1 why
2 wake up
3 miles away
4 my song
5 muse
6 fall from grace
7 death row
8 not to blame
9 dont give up
10 stalkers
11 dirty girl
12 cold in here
13 love song
14 your light
15.high road
16 lost
17 if you
18 out there
we normally only play a 45min to an hour set so about 10-12 songs is all we have time to play.