Devilish Merry

Devilish Merry

 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

True to the impulse to make music that speaks from the soul, Devilish Merry makes music that is mellow and edgy, ethereal and intense, enchanting and nefarious. It's music you've always dreamed you'd dream if you could ever dream in five dimensions at once and realize that Beauty Is Everywhere.


Devilish Merry has performed its unique blend of folk fusion since 1978. The group has played across New England, the Mid-Atlantic States and the Midwest.

Devilish Merry is known for its lively old-time fiddle tunes, Irish jigs and reels, American folk and industrial ballads, and new songs from the musician's own experiences. With a new highly original CD release in Fall of 2006, the band has created a dynamic, layered, and driving brand of music that bridges cultural roots and produces a totally unique sound.

The group has always found instant appeal with its instrumentation – hammer dulcimer, banjo, percussion, mountain dulcimer, fiddle, flute and tin whistle. The group matches finely crafted musicianship with a constant desire to break new ground with songwriting and musical arrangements.


The Ghost of His Former Self, Wildebeest, 1979;
Beauty is Everywhere, DMR, 2006.

Airplay: Cuckoo, Little White Pill, Dark Hollow, South Side, Beauty is Everywhere.

Set List

Typical set length: 45 minutes; 1-2 sets or 1.5 hours straight.

Typical set includes:Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn/Banish Misfortune/Forced March, Water and Vines, Drumshambo Jig, Cuckoo, Little White Pill, Boyne Hunt/Toss the Feathers, Walkin’ On Water, Peace Some Day.