Heavy groovy rock! Like a Black Sabbath for the 21:st century. A wall of the Riffs!


The swedish rockband Deville are releasing their full lenght debut "Come Heavy Sleep" in december -07 on Buzzville Records(be) and a big european tour will tookplace in jan/feb -08 and went through the Netherlands,Belgium,France and Italy. Heaviness and grooves dominates this record that stretches from stonerrock to doom riffs through this 13 song journey.Recorded during spring and summer in Malmoe,Sweden 2007 by the band and studio engineering by Markus Nilsson.Great reviews so far and more to come!

Deville released a record on Daredevil records(distr.Soulfood/Sony in Germany) in 05/06. It was a split (double feature cd lp) with another band from Sweden called Sergej the Freak. It´s also released in Scandinavia,Benelux,France,Holland,England and Usa etc.The band has existed around four years and have done over 80 gigs in Sweden,Denmark,Belgium,the Netherlands,Germany,France and Italy the past two years and have also appeared in national press and radio in these countries.The music is some kind of stonerrock in same genre as QOTSA and Kyuss but also influenced by bands like Soundgarden and Goatsnake.


Full length CD LP Split record 2005 on Daredevil Records "Sergej the Freak meets Deville"

Full lengh debut "Come Heavy Sleep" on Buzzville Records 2007

Set List

Sunset Capricorn
Sweet Blood
Come Heavy Sleep
Rise Above
From Below

the set is around one hour ,around 10-12 songs