Devils of Belgrade

Devils of Belgrade

 Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Devils of Belgrade are an instrumental progressive metal band from Indianapolis, IN. They've released two independently-produced full-length albums since their inception in 2007, and their melody-heavy blend of prog rock and thrash is garnering noteworthy critical acclaim.


Hailing from Indianapolis, IN, Devils of Belgrade first unleashed their unique style of instrumental progressive metal onto underground scene in 2008 with their critically-acclaimed DIY full-length release Tracks of the Cloven Hoof.

Devils of Belgrade have since shared the stage with the likes of Indian, Bible of the Devil, The Atlas Moth, Raise the Red Lantern, Lo-Pan, and Devil to Pay; each time being a complement to their peers on the stage while diverging completely from the expected formulas of the genre and enthralling every audience they have faced.

Though their musical influences range from early Thin Lizzy to Powerslave-era Iron Maiden to Kyuss, Devils of Belgrade never attempt to be anyone but themselves; prompting one reviewer to remark that they could easily share the stage with Megadeth
or Mastodon while sounding nothing like either band. Belying the niche status of their aesthetic, Devils of Belgrade appeal to young new fans, stoner/doom aficionados, and olde-guard metal heads alike, enabling the band to completely sell-out the first run of their debut album in under a year while nearly doubling that figure with online downloads during the same time.

Primed to build upon the strong foundation lain by their debut, Devils of Belgrade released their DIY sophomore full-length Ðavolja Varoš in June of 2010. Ðavolja Varoš (the name of a geological formation in Serbia which, translated to English,
means “dwelling place of the Devil), was inspired by metaphysical exploration by way of Serbian folklore as an homage to Eastern European fans who, discovering Devils of
Belgrade from the number of extremely positive reviews of their debut album, were first made curious by the band’s name and then grew into a whole new (and completely unanticipated) market for their music.

More ambitious and focused than their previous work, Ðavolja Varoš runs the gamut from attitude-driven garage rock strut to no-quarter-given thrash evisceration with just the right amount of dynamic interlude to give it all context. Despite the sonic diversity, Devils of Belgrade have crafted Ðavolja Varoš with a fluid cohesion that, while at times challenging to the listener, never alienates or leaves them behind as it organically flows
through the modulated intensity and vibe in each of its ten tracks, creating a roller coaster that fans of all metal can strap into again and again.


Ðavolja Varoš - 2010
Independent sophomore full-length album
10 tracks, runtime: 50:31
Available on iTunes,, and Amazon

Tracks of the Cloven Hoof - 2008
Independent debut full-length album
9 tracks, runtime: 42:50
Available on iTunes,, and Amazon