Devil With Cheese

Devil With Cheese


Devil With Cheese is a high-energy Hard Rock band that hits with full force. Imagine taking Sevendust, Godsmack, Disturbed and Alice in Chains and throwing them in a blender. What you get is heavy-hitting grooves and worlds or harmony and melody.


Devil With Cheese is a musical concoction of talent and skill the spread's ferociously into many different genres of modern music. By purposefully separating themselves from the force of modern music industry clich├ęs and trends, Devil With Cheese's intelligent lyrical style and unique force of groove have proven to keep listeners coming back for more. The overall vibe and image of the band snickers at the common bandwagon jargon of heavy music and leans heavily on the one thing that works in their ear candy...chemistry. All of the Devil With Cheese clan hail from uncommon grounds, and it shows with no mistake from the melodic vocal harmonies to the pounding rhythms. Although the band may be considered youthful to the Midwest music scene, there simply is no mystery as to why Devil With Cheese has become so popular. This group sets an unprecedented level for those that follow and takes great pride in its accomplishments both on and off of the stage. If there was ever a band that could give a sickening blow to your mid-section and somehow have you walk away with a grin on your would be Devil With Cheese.


Devil With Cheese - Trenditionalist EP 2002
Devil With Cheese - Self-Titled 2003

Set List

Dumb Ugly
Chicken Pot Pie
Ten Second God
Givin' It Up

Set length is typically 40 minutes depending on time alotted.