Devin Balram

Devin Balram

 Germantown, Maryland, USA

Music that asks the questions of a kid who grew up believing everything everyone told him. It's the chronicling of this journey that the tunes reflect


Devin is a 24 year old minister's son. Growing up in a religious background, he began his musical journey leading worship at various churches as well as participating in worship group called "Relentless." Life took Devin away from Relentless, and he found himself in a place where the answers everyone was giving him didn't suffice. His music tells the tale of a kid maturing into his own, where it's not just about a four-chord song where the thought process stops at the beginning. Thoughtfulness and intentionality are apparent on this album while holding onto strong musicianship and hooks that you'll have stuck in your head for sure.


What Happens At The Front Door-2010

Set List

1. What Happens At The Front Door.
2. Help.
3. What To Do With Love?
4. Page 55.
5. The Pevensie Song.
6. The Fight.
7. Daylight.
8. Beautiful.
9. Longing.
10. Shameless.
11. Make Me New.

Set lists can vary to where/when/and how long the set needs to be.