Devin Davis

Devin Davis


Part singer/songwriter, part classic rock, part psychedelic wall of sound, Devin Davis' self-released debut album "Lonely People of the World, Unite!" was critically hailed as one of the best albums of 2005. Devin is currently touring in support of the album and working hard on a follow up.


Hailed by Ben Gibbard as "one of the loudest, most assaultive singers... since Jeff Mangum decided to pawn his guitar after making In The Aeroplane Over The Sea", Devin Davis' critically acclaimed self-released debut album "Lonely People of the World, Unite!" is a rollicking rock and roll romp, complete with gang choruses, horn sections, barrel-house piano and handclaps. The listener may then not initially realize that Davis played nearly every instrument himself, and that the uproarious rock betrays the fact that it was recorded in isolation.

Attention to the meticulously crafted lyrics will reveal that, in much the same way The Magnetic Fields' "69 Love Songs" was a was a meditiation on love, "Lonely People of the World, Unite!" is actually an anthemic ode to loneliness in its many forms.

The theme of loneliness was partly a result of the recording process. Having moved to Chicago from Florida, and finding it difficult to meet people to play music with, Devin set to work recording on his own, spending marathon sessions in his home studio alone, often in the middle of the night, over a span of two years. He would sometimes sleep on the couch at ACME Recording (where he was employed during the day as an engineer) for days at a time to make personal use of unbooked studio time, which often consisted of him running back and forth from the control room to the studio to record takes by himself.

Inspired by 60’s rock albums where song lengths averaged 2 to 3 minutes and album playing times rarely exceeded 40 minutes, Davis labored to streamline his songs down to the bare essential parts, cutting away potentially ponderous instrumental sections in favor of concise rock statements. His intention was to make an album of songs that evolved quickly (both lyrically and structurally) and moved forward without lapses in momentum;  this "less is more" approach resulting in a record with little or no gaps between songs, and a running time of 36 minutes.  

The songs of "Lonely People of the World, Unite!" are told in first person through the eyes of a varied cast of lonely characters, (ranging from the ghost of legendary American West folk-hero Everett Ruess, to a heartbroken turtle and a sea-weary Viking), and seek to be more story than diary entry, with surreal settings such as a coffee shop on top of Mt. Everest and a bomb shelter in the midst of a nuclear war in "Giant Spiders."

Song styles are also refreshingly varied within sequence, with heavy stomping guitar anthems such as the Bowie-esque "Moon Over Shark City" and "Transcendental Sports Anthem" being immediately followed by quieter folk numbers such as "Sandie" and "The Choir Invisible." Many songs experience abrupt stylistic shifts within themselves such as "Cannons at the Courthouse" which leaps from Springsteen inspired stream of consciousness folk, to fuzzed out Neutral Milk Hotel bliss-rock, to Floyd-esque heavy psychedelia all in the matter of 3 minutes. All of these homages are wrapped together into a uniquely cohesive whole by Devin’s peculiar brand of lyrics, rhyming structure, and songwriting, which, along with the strong production, makes "Lonely People of the World, Unite!" stand up against any commercially produced album of the last decade.

After handing out early CDR copies of the album to friends, a band finally began to take shape. In addition to solo acoustic performances, Devin and the group are currently performing in support of "Lonely People.." as well as working on recording a new album.



Iron Woman

Written By: Devin Davis

It's hard to live in a basement
and not get carried away
when you're a caveman
on the pavement
in the U.S.A.

A light head in the headlights
staring temporarily stunned,
three whole weeks spent throwing
matchsticks at the sun.

Iron woman,
they're amazed
that we managed to stay afloat.
Iron woman,
seven days at the bow
of a wobbly boat
on the Northern Atlantic
sailing off for enemy shore.
We packed up our black axe
and our rucksacks
back in '94.

But once we conquered the mainland,
she made some
high society friends
I never heard one word
from my Viking girl again.

Iron woman,
fell in love
with the General's shiny stars.
Iron woman,
what happened to the rhino I know?

Iron woman,
wrestle off all the rivets
around your heart.
Iron woman,
I can still draw your picture
in the dark.

Turtle And The Flightless Bird

Written By: Devin Davis

Awake through the sound of the sad city sleeping
I turned around to find out who was speaking
But there was no one there
After a while, I arrived at a pile of feathers
Crying in all capital letters
With a big white sling on her wing
And two geysers where her eyes were

"We may not live up in the sky
Where the air gets scared when the planes go by
But you can hop up on my shell
When we crawl across the highway"

We were two rocks when you strike them together
I told her that I would like nothing better
Yeah, nothing in the world than to just lie around
'Neath the blackberry towers
We could keep talking on and on for hours
About how the wind goes "doo-doo-doo-to-doo"

We may not live up in the sky
Where the air gets scared when the planes go by
But you can hop up on my shell
When we crawl across the highway
Cause we might get flattened today
But at least we lived here long enough to say
"hey hey, you're the one for me"

The night you gave that kiss to me
I cracked the ancient mystery
And on the day that you ran away
I touched the tail of the bumblebee
Darlin' girl, now it's just not right
Drinking ourselves to sleep at night
Won't you ever come back to me?
I haven't got what it takes to wait and see

"We may not live up in the sky
Where the air gets scared when the planes go by
But you can hop up on my shell
When we crawl across the highway"

Giant Spiders

Written By: Devin Davis

There's a dirty sock in my hair
And I don't remember putting it there
Next to sweat silhouettes on the floor
That I'm not quite prepared to endorse
I was having this dream
We were down in a deep ravine
With slimy slippery sides
No, I won't sit still till I'm upside down
In the back of your eyes

We can take off into the breeze
Through the forest of family trees
And be a mutual sight for sore eyes
We can ride off into the sunrise
And wake up in the afternoon
Back on the birthplace of the moon
Till we're off to the too and fro
For some old man that we don't even know...
Only eight more hours to go

Oh, the world feels colder today
I don't care what the scientists say
There's a campfire built in my heart
That even the sun couldn't start
On our climb uphill
Into the oil spill
Through the vast asbestos skies
No, I won't sit still till I'm upside down
In the back of your eyes

Nevermind all the nuclear missiles
Leave that up to important officials
Who can manufacture the press and
Keep the peasants on anti-depressants
Should they send their rockets a flyin'
That's one unique way to exit the world
And if we're curled up into a little ball
Behind some thick lead walls
We should be fine if we can survive
The giant spiders!!!

No, I won't sit still till I'm upside down
In the back of your eyes

Lonely people of the world, unite!


"Lonely People of the World, Unite!" - LP (2005)
"When The Angels Lift Our Eyelids In The Morning" - song included on Kill Rock Stars compilation "The Sound The Hare Heard" (2006)

Set List

current original songs in set list:
Iron Woman
When I Turn Ninety-Nine
Turtle And The Flightless Bird
Cannons At The Courthouse
Transcendental Sports Anthem
The Choir Invisible
Giant Spiders
Deserted Eyeland
When The Angels Lift Our Eyelids In The Monrning
Look At The People
Key On A Kite String

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