Devin Richards

Devin Richards


From Al Jarreau to Barry White to Paul Robeson, from jazz to soul, sprituals to Broadway, Devin Richards delivers a versatility of vocals with his rich resonant bass-baritone voice. His charm is so entertaining, you'll be asking him to record a message on your answering machine after the show


Devin Richards has had a multifaceted career as a singer.
Venues include: Iridium Jazz Club, Birdland, Cleopatra's Needle & The Metroplitan Room;
Concerts at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center with the NY Philharmonic, and at Town Hall in NYC;
Ten Broadway Shows including Smokey Joe's Cafe, The Life & Victor/Victoria as the Jazz Singer;
Has performed with stars, Gladys Knight, Harry Connick Jr., Lou Rawls, Rick Springfield, Tony Orlando, Leslie Gore & Gloria Gaynor.
His deep, resonant and sultry voice is equally comfortable singing jazz, soul, broadway, negro spirituals, legit and gospel and tends to remind
people of Al Jarreau, Billy Eckstine, Joe Williams, Lou Rawls, Barry White, Johnny Harmann, Jon Lucien or Paul Robeson yet his unique sound is all his own.


My Own Voice: An Evening with Devin Richards
Live @ the Metropolitan Room in NYC

Set List

Varies according to what is requested.
Jazz, Standards, Broadway, Soul, Negro Spirituals