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"Don't Get It Twisted. Just Say"

Don't Get It Twisted. Just Say "YES"!

by Djenny Passé-Rodriguez

Birthplace of Redman, Queen Latifah, and Ice T, Newark, New Jersey, commonly known as Brick City, is home to this month's featured artist. A native of the Bronx, NY, Devious has spent his childhood and young adult life reppin' Brick City. In addition to performing throughout the Northeast and working on his upcoming album titled "Failure's Not An Option", Devious uses his promotion company, Royal Fam Entertainment, to help others gain notoriety in the industry. There's no doubt that his "flow is so nice." In no time, DEVIOUS will have you saying "YES"!

When and why did you choose "Devious" as your rap name?

Actually it was funny how the name "Devious" came about. A dude by the name of Danny from my 'hood gave me the name by naming my car "Devious". I was doin' some crazy shit in the 'hood at the time and the cops was on me, but I got away. So he just felt my car was devious and I was like, "Damn. I should use that as a rap name", and it just stuck from there. Plus, the females seem to like it.

You demonstrate a lot of versatility in the styles of your songs. That's very refreshing since so many songs tend to sound the same with regard to their beats and lyrics. A lot of mainstream artists, who were at one point underground like you, change their styles to reflect what the "streets" want to hear, like club songs, for example. Would you object to that once you sign to a major record deal?

Of course at some point when you go major you have to give the mainstream what they want, but at the same time you have to make sure you don't lose your main following. You have to know how to mix it all up in one pot to make everyone love you. At the end of the day, you have to find a way to keep who you are as an artist without going soft.

I also noticed that you don't rely on a lot of 4-letter words to help get your point across. What's your rationale behind your choice of words?

Well to be honest, that comes from my family background. My Pops didn't curse much when I was young and my Moms always made sure I would speak correctly around her. So after a while as a youngin', it kind of rubs off on you and you just automatically talk that way and it reflects in my writing. Plus, I know for a fact people get tired of hearing curse words every other second. Feel me?

Definitely. Especially when you can articulate strong metaphors like in "Make 'Em Say Yes" and "Absolutely Devious". Incidentally, are any of your songs, like "Eat 'Em Up", addressing particular people in the industry or those you've come across that might have "hated"?

That song is for emcees or anybody that doubts me. It's not targeted directly at anyone. It's just one of those records that if you feel like I'm talking about you, then I must be talking about you.

Have you worked with any mainstream artists and/or producers in the past?

Nah, I haven't. I would love to, but you know the industry sometimes stunt on the Jersey side, but it's all good. I'm not gonna name no names, but they know who they are.

It has to be hard to have people who were once in your shoes doubt your talent. In spite of clear obstacles in the industry, you demonstrate perseverance by doing big things for yourself and at the same time trying to make big things happen for other up and coming artists. What's your dream team of artists and/or producers to work with?

I would say for a whole album, I'd do a joint with B.I.G., Jay Z, A Z, Nas, Pac… All the greats. As far as production, I would rock with Jermaine Dupri, Just Blaze and Kanye West. Now that'll be crazy.

Bananas! So when you become mainstream, how will everyone know that you're ready to rep Brick City?

Promotion. I'm 'a make sure my promotion team is pushin' them mixtapes like crack out there and not just sellin' them. We'll give them away. Make sure I get into anything that's good press like your magazine. So basically, just stay on the grind!!!!! 'Cause if you don't promote yourself, then who will?

To inquire about promotional opportunities, Devious' promotion company can be reached by visiting While you're online, be sure to check out his latest tracks at

- Basement Elevation Magazine


New Album "Failure's Not A Option" coming in 2007
Be on the look out for his Mixtapes he's been on. 5 mics Ent The Science Lab V1 and Volume 2 and Coming soon Bangkok Chronicles V1
Coming soon The Young King V1



Originally from the Boogie Down Bronx, Devious has spent most of his life in Newark NJ (Brick City). Devious grew up in a home where he didn't have to ask for much. As he grew older though, the streets called him a little more. After going through many ups and downs in his young life by running the streets in Newark NJ, he realized that wasn't the life he wanted. He turned to Hip Hop to keep him out of trouble. He's used his life experience and other experiences through touring the NYC open mic circuit to make him the hottest thing coming out of Jersey right now. He's an artist with a range of abilities, able to captivate you with his street stories, and make you feel his pain with every word to his beats. He can make you jump to your feet when you're in the club, or just vibe with his flow when your out chilling. This is the total package for today’s market. There’s no other way to state it but he's the 1!!!

Devious has performed with some of the top artist on the come up. This dynamic artist has performed at Dillon's lounge, Club Speed, The Lizard Lounge, Show and Prove show case which he placed second only because his music wouldn't play so he killed it accapella and the crowd clapped the beat, Faces in The Crowd Showcase placing 3rd He's also performed at Club Groove and rocked it with the band.
He’s is the featured artist on and he’s also featured in the November issue of Basement Elevation Magazine. You can check out the article at