Alternative soulful rock/pop


I am a chameleon. A unique Singer /Songwriter that has wandered the desert and had several incarnations that came about through electrifying and unexpected musical partnerships. From the Punk Band Wretched Ethyl to diva pop "devitrain" to soulful rock band LIAR.


You're On Fire

Written By: Devitrain

You’re on Fire

Oh Baby
You’re on Fire
I have been burning now
for most of my life

Oh Baby
Don’t come undone
One more day of Fire
But oh look at all
the days you have done


I don’t understand
why the fire won’t stop
or why
you suffer so much

Oh Baby
What’s happened to us
With you gone
I lay my will to rest
No matter how hard it gets

Oh Baby
Don’t cry for too long
the desert sun will guide you home
and burn up what’s wrong

Repeat Chorus:

Oh Baby
You are still on Fire
But so is the love
that lights up your life


Wretched Ethyl "Ethyl Through the Window CD"- Turtle Records. Vancouver,Canada
Wretched Ethyl, Cranky CD, Turtle Records
LIAR 4 Song Demo, London UK
Devitrain and John Lok, 5 Song Demo,Canada

Set List

10 Songs
40 minute sets