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Self-Titled EP
May 04'

1. A Guy Walks Into A Bar...
2. Slip Away
3. Jury's Verdict
4. Double Standard
5. Freedom

Recorded @ Ultrasound Productions
Engineered by Joe Clapp

"3 Songs..." (Demo)
July 05'

1. Whirlpool
2. Chew Me Up
3. W.A.R.

Recorded @ Briggs Bros. Studio
Engineered by Jim Foster


Feeling a bit camera shy


Let's see, we all got together in January of 2004 through a shared love of Max Cavelera, Deftones, and alcoholic beverages....Dave, Emile and Craig had been writing the music which became the Self-Titled EP through out 2003. We searched high and low for the right singer until Mike was added to the line-up after a night of drunken revelry in Early 2004...DEVOID was born. In our beginning stages, we were practicing twice a week in the drummers basement, using our 100-watt combo amps, playing any weeknight show we could get our hands on, no matter what time, or where the location. We played alot of good shows to alot of empty rooms back in those days, but it didn't matter to us if there was 5 people or 500. It was that dedication which endeared us to club owners and promoters across New England and solidified our position as a powerhouse live act. As time went on, we started to outgrow our early influences and find our "own" sound (and crowd). This is especially evident on the tracks "Whirlpool" (the last song written for the "3 Songs" demo), "Faceless", and "Drama Queen" (not yet recorded).

We are those guys that are all about playing the music they would like to hear...and if others like what we do, great, if not...we will not be deterred. We are not here to cater to any trends, we are not here to preach our ideals, we are not here to wear make up and girls jeans, we are not here to be on fucking TRL or on the covers of magazines. We ARE here to write music and perform live. That is what we the end of the day, that is who we are, our music is truly a part of us. I think blue-collar people who work hard can relate to that type of honesty.

In March 2006, we were nominated for the Worcester Music Awards "Best Hardcore Act". This area is known nationwide as a "hotbed" for heavy music, being home to the hugely successful "New England Metal and Hardcore Festival" and popular bands such as Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, and All That Remains. We are currently playing most of the same local venues we watched all those bands come up through just a few short years ago. We don't know what the future holds for us, but one thing is certain...this is what we love to do, and if people are exposed to our music, we truly believe that the sky is the limit.

We are currently unsigned and working on pre-production for our first full-length release.