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"Devolver - Sky of holes"

Devolver's Sky of Holes should have come packaged with a set of instructions: listen to this record in a dark basement and reflect upon your miserable day at school. Then light a candle, crack open a Camus novel and smoke a cigarette until your parents bang on the kitchen floor for you to turn down the music. During the early 90s, some of you may have been at similar stage in life, and back then, you really would have dug Sky of Holes.
Sky of Holes stands out not just for its gratuitous gothiness (see the bleak album artwork for a start) but the curious blend of musical references. In structure, the songs take their cue from grunge, covered with noise and atmospherics a la shoegazers My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive. Nirvana-esque chord progressions sit rather uncomfortably next to Bauhausian gloom, yet Devolver employ some unusual production techniques and effects that make the record more sonically interesting. Unpredictable sound jabs and slightly awkward moments will have you sitting up in your chair. "Seedlings" starts with a sombre organ before sprays of high-pitched noise melt the mood, creating an odd but pleasing result. Overall, it is a superbly produced record.

It's hard to pinpoint the audience for this record, but former music nerds in their 30s, or young hipsters on the cusp of the new goth renaissance will appreciate it most. Somehow Sky of Holes is strangely captivating and, disregarding my previous comments, should be seen as more than a mish-mash of influences.


"Devolver - "Sky Full of Holes" CD"

I could describe the music of Devolver in the following ways in any of the following ways: My Bloody Valentine discovers laptop-tronica; Tram getting a little more excited than usual; what if the Beta Band got put on downers? Anyways, I think the general idea is guitar driven, feedback-oriented rock with an electronic beat bent and British pop song sensibilities. For the most part, it’s a decent record although it runs a little longer than I might like, but that’s not much of a complaint. Anytime a Canadian produces something that isn’t Rush or Barenaked Ladies, I have to salute them.
- Shredding paper

"Devolver - Sky of holes CD"

The tracks begin as intimate folk songs, but with the addition of electronics, beats, inner and outer-space guitars, psychedelics, samples, keyboards, found sounds, bits and pieces and what-have-you, a multi-colored collection results showing the full spectrum of the gifted Devolver palette. I consider myself an experienced and weathered head, but still couldn't help being awe-struck by the sheer heavyosity and density starting with the opening of the first track, and after that one bit I was hooked. - Darla Records News letter


5 albums and 2 eps released through transsiberian music company in Vancouver ( and distributed by scratch records.

Grand Storm Matinee - CD
Affecting automobile backbone cunning - CD
left orbit and temple - CD
The pilot's inside his mind - CD
Look Disappear - 7 inch vinyl ep
Desperation spins - 7 inch vinyl ep
Sky of Holes - CD



Devolver started in Vancouver in 1997 and continues today in Montreal. They combine aspects of psych, folk, blues, electronica & noise to often surreal effect.
Some Influences are Spacemen 3, Flying Saucer Attack, Swell Maps, Velvet Underground & Neu!.

Devolver CDs are distributed in North America, Europe and Japan and have recieved airplay on prestigious Radio shows like BBC's John Peel and CBC's Brave New Waves as well as charting on various campus & alternative radio stations across North America.