Devon Feldmeth

Devon Feldmeth


Songwriting=Acoustic, kind of folky, emotional lyrics but not considered emo! Basically I compose using my prose: my thoughts/ feelings/expressions whatever and then i work in music to fit in with's a whole new method. I also LOVE musical theatre and sing it with all my heart.


Hello world! I'm just a small town girl living in a not so lonely world of over 6 BILLION people. I think music is highly important in everyones everyday life, especially in mine. When you look around, all cultures can rely on music to soothe the soul, give them hope, or to make them just happier people. I am truly blessed with a wonderful life filled with wonderful people and an unwavering desire to perform. I think music and lyrics are incredible tools for one to express themselves and I try to write music I can share with other people, i.e. connect with people who can hopefully share the same experiences I have. I'm very big into that idea of ensembles and globalization as a way of life and I think music can connect people of all shapes and sizes, colors, attitudes etc. I hope you gleam something, anything from my music and well, thanks for listening! Have a great day!


In progress...